Power Thought YOU YOU Things Power

Engage with this… You are the end and the beginning… Power.Thought.You You.Things Power The key is to see your.self as an end first and then begin again with you. Most often, you begin sentences with YOU and end sentences with? Love Powers You You Power is Love What you seek seeks YOU The Earth Kingdom…Read more Power Thought YOU YOU Things Power


Gratitude Choices/Choice Is Power…

… Power Choices/Choice Is Gratitude. What YOU consume Consumes You! What you assume ASSUMES YOU! What you ANNOUNCE announces YOU…. YOU have COMMON SENSE COMMON SENSE has YOU! What you GIVE gives YOU. What you receive receives you. What you love loves you. What you hate hates you. What you know knows You. What you…Read more Gratitude Choices/Choice Is Power…

Why You? … the changes are here… Receive.Needs and Release.Wants

Today, Physical.Emotion Chooses “Power.Gratitude”, Power for Physical and Gratitude for Emotion! Today is the day to celebrate YOU. Not the name.place.person.thing way. today you get to celebrate the transition of the “Physical.Emotion dna Soul Power” today we celebrate the Power.Choice made by the Physical/Thing DNA Emotion/Thought evolution. “… DNA the WORD BE. Came FLESH and…Read more Why You? … the changes are here… Receive.Needs and Release.Wants

Focus on Choice!

The word choice is turn.in.g the one vibration we do not talk much about at all and yet is the ONLY reason why there is a sense of DOOM/Mood that is continually in.crease.in.g the collective Physical and collective Emotion on the planet. When YOU make a CHOICE … a Thought presence occurs, Emotion flows and…Read more Focus on Choice!

Hold.in.g Space 4.ALL that YOU are!

It’s a small world after.ALL! Hold.in.g Space Ever wondered why things allude you? All of His.Story speaks of Magic (Faith.Gratitude) and Miracles (Power.Love) and yet, we keep exhaust.in.g space to HAVE IT ALL. If you’re ask.in.g for a partner here on Earth… you need to focus, on FIRST create.in.g a mental space for His.Presence to…Read more Hold.in.g Space 4.ALL that YOU are!

Emotion.Questions Physical.Answers : YOU Quest.Action

You need to begin to live this path. It is time to let the past be.long to itself. Remember, you are HERE and that is the MOST IMPORTANT part you need to focus you physical attention on. The material world is created by YOU, for you… if you choose to stay away from material… you…Read more Emotion.Questions Physical.Answers : YOU Quest.Action

A.Wake.In Gratitude.Power … it is T.i.Me

Today, is a good day to raise the Power. Give your.self permission to WRITE a RULEbook, on the transitions process and the Masculine/Seen/Physical.  One word, that is awakened, at all levels is “Money” and so, Money will be the “Proof” of the transition. SIMPLE The Choice of the Word Money, is common to all of…Read more A.Wake.In Gratitude.Power … it is T.i.Me