Her Faith is Her Gratitude in Action!

I have come to understand that there are days when there is a sense of unrest in my heart. There is so much occuring in the world focused on “Circumstances” that is keeping it busy, worrying. Faith breathed wisdom about worrying into my Heart. Worrying is the way the world sees it and knows it…Read more Her Faith is Her Gratitude in Action!


Presence.Gratitude and the story of Words ;)

I woke up this morning with “Today I have something even bigger”. There is a sense of urgency … not to waste a moment of this day… “Presence.Gratitude” Today is a day to dig deeper into that which you do want in this life… FoCUs… on your Dreams… allow the Masculine Presence to Increase your…Read more Presence.Gratitude and the story of Words 😉


Religion is science spirituality is silence! An experience with God is the beginning of spirituality... All else my dear people is religion! Although I must confess that a deeper practice and curiosity of religion is the beginning of spirituality... Because the more you choose to go deeper the closer you are to actualisation and you…Read more Wisdom.And.Service

Heart.Expression of Presence of Wisdom!

What a month this has turned out to be, internally and externally! Today, we step into Presence of Wisdom … the Heart Expression of Presence! Heart.Expression… the single sentence wonder of HE.energy or Masculine Energy, the foundation of the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion or the She.Energy of the physical expression/Manifest. I look at the grey skies and my…Read more Heart.Expression of Presence of Wisdom!

“Choice is” the Presence of Wisdom

I woke up with a smile this morning… “ThougtsBe-ComeThings” Power is Us! I’ve been guided to pick up the book “Money Master The Game”, by Tony Robbins! 600 pages… for the last two days, been reading and I noticed, the affirmative writing, yet, for most people including ME, I guess, we’re reading it in Tony’s…Read more “Choice is” the Presence of Wisdom

Power of Being Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In : Power Inhale: He Exhale She Breathe Out: Being Us Love holds her hand now, PAUSE, Power holds her heart. Presence of Wisdom, receives her Feminine Nature.OF.Wisdom. Gratitude of Gratitude is Us. Pause N.o.W, Love is the Masculine Presence of Wisdom and Gratitude is the Feminine Presence of Wisdom. Receive them…Read more Power of Being Us