We.All.Come.Back re.introducing Michael.Gabriel.Raphael in.Union.with Love!

Today in Love with Love in.UNION.with LiGhT … it is time to welcome Archangels Michael.Gabriel.Raphael … back in .Action! The mention of their name makes my heart smile… each of them … now in communion with creation! They are here now to “complete” the process of Alchemy of Religion and inspire.action and consolidate.action and inspire.action…Read more We.All.Come.Back re.introducing Michael.Gabriel.Raphael in.Union.with Love!


THY Presence Be. Comes THY Choice

0225 0556 0614 0732 0828, 0833 In the same way “My Emotion.DNA be.comes My Physical.Destiny” Today Knewmerology is going to radically shift perspective and perceptions, today’s CHOICE of Presence and Presence of CHOICE is directly impacting your EMOTION.DNA of Physical.Destiny … a wonderful day to FOCUS your ATTENTION on “Our.Father”! Consider THIS!! Alchemy of Religion…Read more THY Presence Be. Comes THY Choice

Power Thought YOU YOU Things Power

Engage with this… You are the end and the beginning… Power.Thought.You You.Things Power The key is to see your.self as an end first and then begin again with you. Most often, you begin sentences with YOU and end sentences with? Love Powers You You Power is Love What you seek seeks YOU The Earth Kingdom…Read more Power Thought YOU YOU Things Power

Borrowed emotions Burrowed emotions Be.Come A.wake.In.D!

A movie scene, that got my attention “Opportunities”! Every Memory is the See.D of Emotion. The CHOICE you make, determines Who.How this memory serves YOU. Over a period of breathe.in.G on the planIt you will come in connection with the Physical.Emotion dna Soul Power you represent, as you keep breathe.in.g, these patterns will begin to…Read more Borrowed emotions Burrowed emotions Be.Come A.wake.In.D!

some.thing in the wind has learned her name

… such a feel.in.gratitude! I experienced my self for the first time today. I just knew, the reason why, my choices were be.come.in.gratitude the changes in the air around me. This place, space met me for the first time, as I am… in my Eternal.Darkness vibration. I knew they were speaking with me… Its like,…Read more some.thing in the wind has learned her name

Choice.Of.Heaven *Love* Presence.On.Earth

I have much to tell you about today, today is the day you receive the “I Love You” expansion of Us. I give the vision (Image) and version (Likeness) of the Us 4 THE planet you call earth and I call the heart. Every sentence spoken on the Earth and I mean all of it,…Read more Choice.Of.Heaven *Love* Presence.On.Earth

Restoration of Choice.Of.Heaven!

With the Activ8.Action of “Presence.On.Earth” on the 3rd Friday of the Year of Restore.Action dna Response.Ability, this Saturday is of special significance. Prayer.Saturday and it is the 20th day of the month of Faith & Love, the days of the Masculine or the Physical.Eyes.Action/Physicalisation of the Feminine expansions Begin their journey into Manifest… So.It.Is This…Read more Restoration of Choice.Of.Heaven!