Once Upon a Time…

… is how every fairytale begins. Remember, you are the fairytale, living and there is a part of you, reading from a script you wrote as a soul, now living here on the planet. In prayer you recognise the parts you’d meet that would remind you of a story and over a period of experiences…Read more Once Upon a Time…


From Being Us to BeComing Us! Revelations

From Eternal Presence Being Us Choice to Eternal Presence Eternal Power! HerE is a new energy a now energy and HERE is where you ARE! Her.Energy is WHO you are… and HOW you are going to transition through the Choices.Changes and Changes of Choice! Remember, YOU are calling forth the “Sow” or Spirit.Of.Wisdom, to be…Read more From Being Us to BeComing Us! Revelations

HE is the Beginning SHE is the End!

Understanding, the END from a brand new paradigm… the Sun/Moon, Masculine/Feminine, Heart.Expression/Spiritual.Heart.Expansion, Human.Evidence/Sacred.Heart.Experiences, Seed/Womb! Earth.Realm is where WORDS become FLESH, in HeyWhen/Heaven every-thing is THOUGHT… remember, it is pure energy, vibration, frequency…. On Earth, is where the physical occurs. While the Physical Earth is Masculine, the Earth is Feminine… do you see the Balance. The…Read more HE is the Beginning SHE is the End!

Being Us is a Relationship of Choice

Music, Lyrics… are choices we make to connect with the Rhythm of the eternal vibration, frequency, alignment. I have been noticing, there are lyrics that stand out and are like place holders… my heart has been tuning into… like my heart tells me… to notice my own heartbeat… and my thoughts take flight with words.…Read more Being Us is a Relationship of Choice

Forgiveness.Imagination Be-Comes Us

Breathing Pattern : Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: Imagination Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Us It Gratitude is Us  Friday, Presence of TwinFlame energy in the air, Gratitude Receives Wisdom.Confidence into the Pause of Presence. Today, they begin their Us.Energy integration into the Masculine and Feminine of Presence & Choice on Earth Collective/Heart Individual. Yes, Imagination.Confidence (Believe)…Read more Forgiveness.Imagination Be-Comes Us

Imagination Us Be-Comes Thought

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn (Sounds so much like Brethren) Imagination Inhale :Us Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Thought Just noticed, that the foundation of the pattern remains the same, the words we’re being guided to use have shifted and when you read it in breath pattern, well, significance… wow… what it means is that Eternal Masculine Father (Imagination)…Read more Imagination Us Be-Comes Thought