12th day of Physical.Emotion and YOU are AskED to make two changes in Thought… to Open your Heart.Chakra to “Response.Ability”

The 2 subtle shifts Presence ON Earth transitions to Presence OF Earth and OF is Our Father (Eternal) YOU as a vibration now are energised “Presence OF Earth” transition.in.g form of “Presence ON Earth” which indicates that the energy movement is clearly move.in.g from the Physical.Emotion led by the Feminine to begin with and is…Read more 12th day of Physical.Emotion and YOU are AskED to make two changes in Thought… to Open your Heart.Chakra to “Response.Ability”


Number Patterns for 2018 : Knewmerology Self Help

The number patterns for the year are determined through the first 9 days and their corresponding day energies. It is a given, that each year, has its own evolved pattern and in following the annual pattern, you both meet and live the unique vibration of the year. History, should be reviewed according to the Present…Read more Number Patterns for 2018 : Knewmerology Self Help

Energies swing the other way…

Finally, making peace with the choices.changes, most of what is happening today, personally, is part of my answered prayers… prayers, I have prayed over years, now suddenly coming true… it is scary… the first part that is coming through… clearly… are the endings! My heart feels empty… very empty… very very empty… and yet, there…Read more Energies swing the other way…

Heart asks you to make a L.O.V.E Choice!

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: She Inhale: Love Exhale: Presence BreatheOut: Thought “Presence of Love and Gratitude, is the key to making a choice.” says the Heart. “Every heartbeat, is feeling the contradiction and so, we, both the heart and the heartbeat, the masculine and feminine, have decided to totally surrender to Love and Gratitude of…Read more Heart asks you to make a L.O.V.E Choice!

Power embraces Darkness!

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Presence Inhale: He Exhale: She Breathe Out: Power Power embraces Darkness! There is just so much happening in the realms right now. Timelines have shifted and so has reality, over the next few weeks, you will see the effects of this really big moment. What has actually occurred, will confuse the wise,…Read more Power embraces Darkness!

Forgiveness Be-Comes Self-Confidence

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thought Breathe Out: Imagination EL We formally enter the days of Imagination today and this energy expression (Thought.Emotion) will lead the next 0-9 days of BELIEVE, as Imagination.Confidence, setting the foundation BELIEVE, of communication. So.It.Is As we speak, the Earth still continues to breathe…Read more Forgiveness Be-Comes Self-Confidence

Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence

We all all in the midst of the opportunity to be-come our Divine Purpose in the Flesh. With the huge twist of destiny all prophecies, must be buried, they are not “active truth” of the KnewEarth. It is this mystery in which we truly experience the Mastery of Eternal Light presence. All the masks have…Read more Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence