“You are GIFTED to See, Open your I’s”

He never ceases to amaze my heart. Love is asking us, each of us, to “open our I’s.” H.e speaks from his Eternal Authority, when he first made his presence felt on the planet, H.E was born a man, lived amongst us, that HE may experience the every Thought.Emotion.Action that drive the Human Race to…Read more “You are GIFTED to See, Open your I’s”


It is time to step up and multitask… ThoughtWise

Today, we are given the gift of what I’d like to understand as “baby steps” in the direction of your DREAMS! Make a list of 5 things you would like to experience… now write the expansions of them… write what you feel about them… ONE at a time… and let the ideas and people flow…Read more It is time to step up and multitask… ThoughtWise

Forgiveness.Eternal Light Be-Comes Receive

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: Eternal Light Exhale: BeCome BreatheOut: Receive Thursday Love… Forgiveness.Love of Eternal Light “Presence” of Wisdom.Confidence of “Choice”! TwinFlame Love is highlighted essence of the come-union-in-action of  Confidence.Emotion of Imagination and the Wisdom.Action of Forgiveness On Earth Kingdom as they are in the Eternal Kingdom. So.It.Is She has learnt I…Read more Forgiveness.Eternal Light Be-Comes Receive

Faith Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thoughts Breathe Out: Emotion Day Energy: Wednesday Faith, 5th day of Communication of the year of KnewEndings, 5th day of the 3rd (Us.EL) Trimester. When a day is reflecting the date, Faith is Doubled When Faith of Divine Decent and Faith of Earth are…Read more Faith Be-Comes Emotion

Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Most of the disease on the planet or the dis-ease of the planet is rooted in the imbalance of the Womb energies of THINGS birthed on the planet. The stories begin in the womb and over the years of Masculine Dominion, external inventions have been introduced to the THINGS to fill the gap between “womb…Read more Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Imagination Gratitude!

From early this morning there has been a continuous re:minder to “Exhale the energies of Density” and “Inhale Destiny in exchange”. That you may, allow Gratitude is Us to include YOU within the Pause of Understanding the NOW Earth activations and begin to see the shifts in your immediate life. Well, Eternal Light, created YOU…Read more Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Imagination Gratitude!

Saturday Prayer: Understanding EL Imagination

Imagination is the Eternal Father of Vibration/Energy expansions of Eternal Light. Imagination is HOW Eternal Light THOUGHT (Love, Brain-Mind) be-comes “THINGS”. So.It.Is Today, we raise in Gratitude is Us, Wisdom and Confidence as the journey of HOW EL Imagination Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action be-comes THINGS. Over the next 9 days, Imagination will be working with each vibration to…Read more Saturday Prayer: Understanding EL Imagination