Physical.Destiny of Perspectives and Perceptions

It is clearer as we shift from Emotion.DNA of this month to the Physical.Destiny or the Perceptions we’ve held on to for too long… are going to be re.structured… for the purpose of making space for THY Presence energies to be.come the natural choice. This is a clear indication that Love is and…Read more Physical.Destiny of Perspectives and Perceptions


Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Our Emotions, when in LOVE are the most beautiful gift we for-give ourselves and others. Today Emotions are at their happiest in the Internal Kingdom, healed in Faith and now presented to LOVE and BE-LOVE … we are called to Love Emotion with Imagination, that’s Wisdom! When Wisdom receives healed Emotions, Confidence is at HIS…Read more Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Practice Gratitude is Us with Forgiveness Imagination

Practice  Gratitude is Us… is an internal job. We on the planet have been taught to focus on Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness, Power, Faith, Love & Gratitude in the EXTERNAL. The KnewEarth begins with the INTERNAL, our Internal and Eternal Self. Vibrations are the DNA, therefore, with the energy shifts, unions, expansions, twin soul, twin…Read more Practice Gratitude is Us with Forgiveness Imagination