Activate Prayer with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Inhale Gratitude Wisdom Exhale Power Confidence So.It.Is When you pray, don't tell HIM what to do... ASK him HOW to do what needs to get DONE! #Trust #Joy #Clarity #ActivatePrayer Something about today that FEELS good, so good. So much around me demands my attention… and in every moment I am given the direction “Inhale…Read more Activate Prayer with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Dear God, I am worried about (describe the situation) and I can't handle this alone. Here God, please take these worries and let me know what action I need to take . . . and then please give me the courage and support to take that action: Doreen Virtue When you Activate Prayer you activate…Read more Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Activate Prayer with Gratitude

Prayer is a gift of Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness. When you ACTIVATE Prayer, you are placing your Wants & Needs in the Presence of Grace. So.It.Is This is the vibration when the Eternal Kingdom reveals Purpose to the Internal and External Kingdom. So.It.Is You are taught to pray for the world, for leaders, for them…Read more Activate Prayer with Gratitude

Practice Prayer with Forgiveness Confidence

What a day of healing today is… Temple of Trust is filled with Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness Presence… Clarity and Joy are in action (Power) with Love (thought)… Faith (emotion, water), Gratitude (Blood)… vocabulary is shifting, words are manifesting, there is so much BIRTHING occurring of the NOW… Now.. You Are … energetically stepping into…Read more Practice Prayer with Forgiveness Confidence

Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Have you ever experienced REAL TIME opportunities with Judas? You know the person who is going to betray you? You can “feel” it in the depth of your heart… and often, this person, is one you would least EXPECT to BE THE ONE. Trust.Joy.Clarity are the way forward, if we do want to make it…Read more Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Practice Prayer with Wisdom

There is really wonderful news in the realms… as we welcome the YouAre energy into the NOW. “Know…You Are… Manifest.Evolution” This is what we call an energy shift! It is time to understand that when we’re living in the shift of energies, there is a shift in perspective FIRST, this way the Feminine Energies CREATE…Read more Practice Prayer with Wisdom

Practice Prayer with Imagination

Match the NOW energy with April Fool’s and you have a winner. I have smiling since, Joy & Clarity, were gifted to my awareness by Love. They are just beautiful inner guides that can debate! Bumped into a situation, where I experienced “Gratitude is Us” with anger… caught myself smiling… and getting on with what…Read more Practice Prayer with Imagination