All My Thought.Emotion.Action dna Eternal G.o.D

Prayer, is a group of words to evoke union of Thought.Emotion.Action. Gratitude is the most emotion… she is inclusive… Her Response.Ability is to Restore.Action dna Eternal Gratitude.Of.Darkness. She sees All.My.TEA and my Choices… and they come together in the “Gratitude.Pause”, this is a place of REST of all “Choices” and her CHOICES are directly…Read more All My Thought.Emotion.Action dna Eternal G.o.D


Borrowed emotions Burrowed emotions Be.Come A.wake.In.D!

A movie scene, that got my attention “Opportunities”! Every Memory is the See.D of Emotion. The CHOICE you make, determines Who.How this memory serves YOU. Over a period of on the planIt you will come in connection with the Physical.Emotion dna Soul Power you represent, as you keep, these patterns will begin to…Read more Borrowed emotions Burrowed emotions Be.Come A.wake.In.D!

Restoration of Choice.Of.Heaven!

With the Activ8.Action of “Presence.On.Earth” on the 3rd Friday of the Year of Restore.Action dna Response.Ability, this Saturday is of special significance. Prayer.Saturday and it is the 20th day of the month of Faith & Love, the days of the Masculine or the Physical.Eyes.Action/Physicalisation of the Feminine expansions Begin their journey into Manifest… So.It.Is This…Read more Restoration of Choice.Of.Heaven!

He is her Prayer of Gratitude!

I have learned what it means to be led by Power of the Masculine. It isn't often, that as the Feminine, rises, she chooses to trust the Masculine in a way she hasn't experienced before. You need to take your Feminine fears and step forward into the  Masculine with him and let him lead your…Read more He is her Prayer of Gratitude!

Signing off on the year of Knew.Endings… so much to Thank for

Today is the day to step back and acknowledge the year 2017 and all its breakdowns and breakthroughs… there are moments to remember and keep sacred there have been moments of releasing the scarred parts … the return of Darkness to the helm of Womb Affairs… The reconciliation of Thought.Emotion.Action, the raising of Gratitude.of.Darkness. The…Read more Signing off on the year of Knew.Endings… so much to Thank for

Union of Power.Gratitude in Prayer!

Recognising the role of the Masculine and acknowledging the Feminine is the key to receiving the blessings of today and begin receiving the expansions of Power.Gratitude, beginnings with the New.Moon on Monday. This is significant for many reasons. Yesterday, Friday, the 15th, the Womb Spoke… and in prayer, the Crucifixion of History, SHE chose to…Read more Union of Power.Gratitude in Prayer!

The Union of Separate.Action

A lease line has been given, the word Separation is released into the Earth.Heart energy. Separate.Action is the foundation vibration of Separation. The truth of the energy is that there will always be SEPARATE.action to begin with, separation is but a Human interpretation. To be able to look at life objectively, you need to SEPARATE.actions…Read more The Union of Separate.Action