The Union of Separate.Action

A lease line has been given, the word Separation is released into the Earth.Heart energy. Separate.Action is the foundation vibration of Separation. The truth of the energy is that there will always be SEPARATE.action to begin with, separation is but a Human interpretation. To be able to look at life objectively, you need to SEPARATE.actions…Read more The Union of Separate.Action


New Moon … Finally Challenges begin to dissolve

We welcome the Power Gratitude moon! This is a beautiful energy of releasing the OLD and welcoming the NEW! There are going to be a lot of changes in the way we deal with emotions. This new moon, the heart embraces the darkness back into the earth… over the next few days, as your emotions…Read more New Moon … Finally Challenges begin to dissolve

Power embraces Ego into Love!

So, the whole day, has been a pandoras box of emotion. The Ego is the Fruit of Pause in Union with Power! Revelations of Masculine and Feminine returning into their “SELF” is the reason of the emotional chaos on Earth. You need to understand, that as part of the transition, the Masculine and Feminine energies…Read more Power embraces Ego into Love!

Prayer is… Thinking in Silence!

The feelings you are releasing today are being forgiven! The Moon energies are drawing out all that is NOT.KNOT.NAUGHT going to be part of your HerStory! Prayer is a time for SILENCE… breathing, being WITH your-SELF of Eternal Beginnings… Allowing the FORCE to BE with you! Today, speak to G-D from your Heart… Present your…Read more Prayer is… Thinking in Silence!

Gratitude is Us is an Anointing

It is only the 2nd day of the month and there already seems to be this urgency to step into the fascinating experience of “Dreams come through”! So, yay… even with the full moon on the 6th… Knewmerology wise… Gratitude! It is beginning to feel like a really big month and heartbeats seem to be…Read more Gratitude is Us is an Anointing

Let’s Alchemy T.i.ME!

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Prayer Inhale: SHE Exhale: Choice Breathe Out: SHE Eternal The Gratitude is Us Energy yesterday, filled the heart with Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, to accept and balance out emotion. The heart says, the passed, wants to hold on, the KEY is using the collective illiteracy of Emotion. Emotion is Darkness and Darkness is Feminine,…Read more Let’s Alchemy T.i.ME!

Faith raises Emotions of Presence into Healing

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale:He Exhale:She BreatheOut:Self-Confidence In the month of Presence of Wisdom, Saturday is blessed into being the day of Healing (Heart.Emotion.Action.Love.In.Gratitude) So.It.Is Faith becomes the H.E.A.L.IN.G, physical, emotional, spiritual of Being Us. She aligns every emotion of Being Us, into Action Love In Gratitude. Today, focus your Thought.Be-Come.Things to the Beat of…Read more Faith raises Emotions of Presence into Healing