“Being Power Gratitude”

Over the many “Shifts”, this one, makes me smile, the “Beginning” says my HEART… Sow.It.Is, So.It.Is and now Show.It.Is T.i.Me! The next phase begins, it is another new journey, this time, HE leads the story, there is much to understand, here, yet, if you have been on the journey of Choices.Changes, it will become EVIDENT,…Read more “Being Power Gratitude”


Prayer Saturday: Focus on your SELF!

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In Prayer Inhale: Prayer Exhale: Prayer BreatheOut: Prayer We are at a threshold of change, the days of darkness are upon us! Here’s the brilliant news, Darkness is Feminine and we are called to welcome her, embrace her, know her, experience her and allow her to alchemy our hearts and heal the…Read more Prayer Saturday: Focus on your SELF!