Tuesday Power: Understanding Forgiveness Eternal Light

This is the energy breathing pattern for today  the 20th day of the month of Understanding in the year of KnewEndings! Breathe in Eternal Light Inhale Forgiveness Confidence Exhale Forgiveness Wisdom Breathe out Today, Power/Action be-comes the union of Politics and Gratitude, say the voices that write. This is a huge shift and through this…Read more Tuesday Power: Understanding Forgiveness Eternal Light

Wednesday Faith: Understanding Imagination Power

Imagination.Power the Intellectual.Property of Eternal Light… I read on the screen of my mind and their Union with Love, makes all “Things” with Confidence. Faith Speaks: Imagination.Power are the expansion of Eternal Light energy… here’s the mystery of their mastery : Imagine-Action (Power) / Imagin(Emotion) in ACtion (Creation). We hid the Emotion in “the word”,…Read more Wednesday Faith: Understanding Imagination Power

Tuesday Power: Understanding Imagination Us

it is human to think the word FEMININE means WOMAN ... MASCULINE means MAN! Energetically Masculine are Thought.Action - Ability and Feminine are Emotion.Pause-Ability, vibrations that communion to create "Things": Welcome to Imagination. IF (Imagination.Forgiveness), when they are in communion, “come-union”, balance between the Masculine “Thought.Action-Ability and Feminine “Emotion.Pause-Ability” are able easily and effortlessly work…Read more Tuesday Power: Understanding Imagination Us

Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Confidence

Eternal Father we Thank you for restoring our Imagination Confidence in a way that serves the transition of Power from the Passed to the Now Earth. We thank you, Holy Spirit for the gift of SPIRIT of vibration, allowing us to live our Earth Lives with purpose. When we work with the Spirit of Earth…Read more Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Confidence

Tuesday Power: Understanding Gratitude

Inhale Wisdom, Pause, Exhale Confidence Power Gratitude, isn’t about the BIG things in life, it is about learning shift focus easily and effortlessly, between the way LIFE IS… and where the ENERGY is FLOWING. Power is Gratitude’s Action, her FLOW and her DIRECTION. She is coming out of the WAY she ONCE breathed into the…Read more Tuesday Power: Understanding Gratitude

Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Power!

Happy Birthday Holy Spirit, the FIRE of LOVE! Eternal Power, the Action of All Thought and All Emotion. The Embrace of Gratitude, Power.Action.Us.Eternal. The Power of Imagination, The Power of Forgiveness, the Power of Faith, the Power of Gratitude, Power of Confidence, the Power of Wisdom. You are now, you are here and you are…Read more Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Power!

Activate Power “Pause” Eternal Light

Eternal Light be upon your heart, that you may receive the “Pause”. The activation of this month, the External Kingdom, the kingdom of transition between all that is Eternal and Internal, included.amplified.expanded to re-enter the Earth Kingdom. Remember, you are Energy/vibration/Frequency of Eternal Light, focused upon the Planet with a purpose. So.It.Is Whether or not…Read more Activate Power “Pause” Eternal Light