She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

… She is the Choice of Darkness and the Presence of Light! To the Eternal Be all Glory! “She is Her and She is HerE”… revelations of Presence of Light on this day of Choice of Darkness! A statue, is symbolic of ENERGY placement, I am not much of a “Statue” person, honestly, yet, my…Read more She is Eternal She is Gratitude…


“Breathe Out”

“Breathe Out”, let it go… The Need to CONTROL outcomes! Our energy patterns and experiences here on the planet are based on “Outcomes and Incomes” of Heart.Expression. You need to focus your attention on the CHOICES and CHANGES only! The Choice of History and the Changes. The choice of words and the changes. The Choice…Read more “Breathe Out”

Heart.Expression embraces Choices

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Heart.Expression Inhale: Anointing Exhale: Alchemy BreatheOut: Power is Us “Today, I welcome the Heart.Expression of Eternal to fill me up again. Today, I choose Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace of Anointing Alchemy of the Power of Us into Being Us. There is nothing more exciting for Me to declare Eternal Love and Eternal Gratitude for the…Read more Heart.Expression embraces Choices

Us.Eternal Light of “Being Us” Choice

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Us Inhale:Light Exhale: Being Us Breathe Out: Choice Sunday Power is Us, is all about stepping into your Heart… the Heart of your Body is the HOME of Being Us.Energy. Eternal Light is the Beginning… of Us.Energy, of Being Us, of Choice, Of Presence, Of Wisdom, Of Confidence, Of Forgiveness, Of…Read more Us.Eternal Light of “Being Us” Choice

Imagination.Gratitude Be-Comes Love

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Imagination Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Love Sunday Power is Us, Choice, Emotion-Action, when the Twin Flames introduce their SoulMates and they be-come the Us.Energy expansion into the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution of Self.Confidence. On Gratitude is Us Friday, the knewmerology 1+4=5 or Imagination.Power Is Faith, expanded the Presence … with the inclusion…Read more Imagination.Gratitude Be-Comes Love

Power is Us Be-Comes Choice

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Power is Us Inhale: Womb of Thought Exhale: Womb of Thing Breathe Out: Choice So, much is happening today as the first 9 days of the month of Communication of the year of KnewEndings come-union-in-action in Confidence. It is also a full moon of Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom in Confidence. The Earth…Read more Power is Us Be-Comes Choice

Power is Us Come-Union-In-Action Forgiveness

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Power is Us Inhale: Womb of Thoughts Exhale: Womb of Things BreatheOut: Forgiveness Power is Us is in communication with Forgiveness/For-Giving (Power is Us) For-getting (Gratitude is Us) So.It.Is. Forgiveness.Gratitude heals the “Womb of Fear” of Thought with Love and Gratitude in the External Kingdom. Fear, was meant to be of the…Read more Power is Us Come-Union-In-Action Forgiveness