Activate Prayer Forgiveness Love

this is how LOVE steps in… each month exhaling the internal kingdom into Confidence. Today, a mother is BORN, a children are given their parents and the parents are given the KnewParentingCodes in Prayer. Parenting, is the PAUSE, Gratitude and Power are NOW here to Activate into fullness. The children being born on Earth are…Read more Activate Prayer Forgiveness Love

Activate Faith Forgiveness Power

Activate Faith For-giving For-getting Power, practically speaking, that is HOW you can include Action into all Thought.Emotion. Today is the day, when HE (Power) celebrates Gratitude and chooses to send out a power-fueled “Yes” to all Masculine energies, to follow the Leader… through Faith! He calls out to all that is Masculine, to now step…Read more Activate Faith Forgiveness Power

Activate Gratitude is Us Imagination Confidence

Clearly, received “drop with in the affirmation”. This is because, today, Imagination (Eternal Father) leads Confidence (Earth Father) into “Gratitude is US” , where Love (Internal Father) with Gratitude (External Mother) … breathe Wisdom and Confidence raising the Masculine Energies into the NOW Emotion with Faith! This is a blessed time to be breathing on…Read more Activate Gratitude is Us Imagination Confidence

Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

with the activation of the Earth Kingdom, you have entered the NOW. Remember, Earth Kingdom is where you are the center of the vibrational movement, energy-motion (Emotion), Feminine. So.It.Is No-thing is masculine, nothing is feminine is the paradox we’re living and learning to #Raise. (Just love this line… pretty infinite, really, so am keeping it,…Read more Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Dear God, I am worried about (describe the situation) and I can't handle this alone. Here God, please take these worries and let me know what action I need to take . . . and then please give me the courage and support to take that action: Doreen Virtue When you Activate Prayer you activate…Read more Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Practice Love, Forgiveness Love

Practice Love Forgiveness Love… today is the 27th day of Practice. 2+7 = 9 (Completion/Confidence), the time to practice now concludes… with LOVE… Practice LOVE… Forgiveness Love. Not just any LOVE… Forgiveness Love… Forgiving Forgetting For-giving For-getting kinda Love. Thought is NOW Activated Love : Emotion/Energy in Motion is NOW Activated Faith: Action is NOW…Read more Practice Love, Forgiveness Love

Practice Power with Forgiveness Faith

Forgiving and Forgetting… For-Giving and For-Getting… the Feminine energy… BIRTH (Faith) Today, Forgiveness asks us to Practice “For-giving and For-getting” … that we may BIRTH … Faith! Faith… is the SOUL energy of the NOW! Faith is HOW Forgiveness BIRTH’s “Thoughts in- to Things” When you ‘Take back your Power’, you RAISE your Internal Kingdom.…Read more Practice Power with Forgiveness Faith