FoCUs is the new vibration of the Number 11!

Focus on? Healed.Emotions! When Faith and Gratitude are in their elements… the How & Why are in a flow. Today is Gratitude Monday… and the 11th day of June. Remember, Review and Complete.Action with Gratitude. 1124 this week that begins with the 11th of June  we’re headed for the 24th Friday weekend… which means, we’re…Read more FoCUs is the new vibration of the Number 11!


We is “My” new Why

1211, 0457, 626, 627,655 Because WE want it! Gratitude Monday it is… Physical/Masculine/He.Power. Presence (2 8) And “We” is symbolic really of the Alchemy of Union between the Masculine (Love) and Feminine (Gratitude) … I saw a vision of “WE” (707) and I “Believed”… I smiled… My Heart Smiled… and every cell in my body……Read more We is “My” new Why

As you transition… #Leftovers… with Gratitude into reflect.actions of Power.Faith into LiGhT… into the SEEN

… you’re going to have to CHOOSE words… and choose them wisely… there are two parts to ALL… the masculine and Feminine… the Emotion.DNA and Physical.Destiny of the Emotion.DNA… and the Emotion.DNA of Physical.Destiny. For those in transition from one part to the other… you need to know that a lot will change for the…Read more As you transition… #Leftovers… with Gratitude into reflect.actions of Power.Faith into LiGhT… into the SEEN

Let’s Alchemy, Forgiveness Embraces Gratitude!

eBreathing Pattern: BreatheIn Alchemy Inhale: Forgiveness Exhale:She BreatheOut:Gratitude! She knows the past, she knows the future and yet, all she asks of Us is to Focus on the NoW! She says, it is important to focus on the now, the now of your choices, yes, your personal choices. Darkness declares Gratitude the now of Forgiveness.…Read more Let’s Alchemy, Forgiveness Embraces Gratitude!

Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination Confidence

We’ve stepped into how the Masculine is revealed in WORD to begin to work with Earth Kingdom “Things”. Before we understand the Now of Imagination.Confidence, it is a good moment to exhale the Now Earth, you were for-given yesterday be-come the power-filled YES of this day of Understanding. When Earth Kingdom celebrated Father’s Day in…Read more Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination Confidence

Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Alchemy

Alchemy is a gift of the Internal Kingdom… Alchemy is the Divine Union of Purpose of Love and Faith. Today at so many levels of Heaven, this Alchemy is being breathed into being. The Alchemy of Trust.Joy.Clarity. The Alchemy of Thought.Emotion.Action. The Alchemy of GratitudeWisdom PowerConfidence, PowerWisdom GratitudeConfidence the External and Earth Kingdom parents. The…Read more Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Alchemy

Activate Forgiveness with Imagination Faith

Activate Forgiveness : For-giving For-getting – Imagination Faith. Keep the flow of breath focused on Inhale Wisdom Exhale Confidence in this way, you are preparing your-self for the experience of Action. You are encouraging the transformation of the Earth Kingdom with Wisdom-Confidence by acknowledging their presence. Knewmerology of today is potent Monday: Forgiveness Date: 15…Read more Activate Forgiveness with Imagination Faith