Energy Upgrades and Updates

Focus on Breath and Birth … Be.Leave the REST to ME! The beauty of the blessing we can CHOOSE to RECEIVE if we Be.Leave the need to control that which is outside of Us. She is setting the foundation of the and you are given a perfect opportunity to review your perspective and choices.…Read more Energy Upgrades and Updates


Remember Time is Trust.In.ME and Activation is Activ8.Action

When we come to the closure of the Month energy the energies emerge with an evolved version and vision of itself and that evolves into the month to come born of the month that has been. November, has been the month of expansions and experiences.  When the heart chooses a new meaning, a new world…Read more Remember Time is Trust.In.ME and Activation is Activ8.Action

“Being Power Gratitude”

Over the many “Shifts”, this one, makes me smile, the “Beginning” says my HEART… Sow.It.Is, So.It.Is and now Show.It.Is T.i.Me! The next phase begins, it is another new journey, this time, HE leads the story, there is much to understand, here, yet, if you have been on the journey of Choices.Changes, it will become EVIDENT,…Read more “Being Power Gratitude”

Deep Impressions… of Polarity!

The reason, why there are DIFFERENCES coming up is to make you aware of the subtle effects of the EFFECTS of other people’s choices that effect your energy. Especially, those of who you Expect.Action as promised or as spoken. It is also the time to understand that most of your experiences on Earth are polarised…Read more Deep Impressions… of Polarity!

October Energy: Revelations Reveal Actions Rev:Elation

Revelations: Reveal.Actions: Rev.Elation to Participate or Part.I.See.P8 The finale of the year of New Endings, it is all about Evollove or evolved Love. This is the month of Mirror of choices, activation of Changes… Choices affirmed are Changes confirmed. October, the first month of the Finale Trimester of the Year of KnewEndings… this is HARVEST…Read more October Energy: Revelations Reveal Actions Rev:Elation

To Me You are perfect!

Some days… the Heart (HE) absolves you of the past, because the heart knows what it knows and it knows every heartbeat (S.H.E)! You are a gift, the world cannot unwrap, if YOU are not ready. It is time to declare the inevitable. It is time to stand up and say “I am Present”. You…Read more To Me You are perfect!

Heart.Expressions of Eternal Beginnings… New Moon!

We enter the days of Heart.Expression (2) leading the way… Hold my hand.I’ll hold your Heart. Lets Alchemy. T.i.Me Heartbeats! To have this co-infused with a New Moon… the stuff… Fairytales are made of. Today is the day to set Heart.Expressions… every 29 days we meet a New Moon… the beginning… also, helps us understand,…Read more Heart.Expressions of Eternal Beginnings… New Moon!