Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIN: Imagination Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Believe Faith Wednesday is a brand new beginning within itself, today, she brings together into Emotion, all of the Masculine expansions and expressions of L.O.V.E and Come-Union-In-Action, with Imagination.Confidence that the Feminine may BELIEVE again. Today, we’re clearly being called to come-union in Emotion. Faith…Read more Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Imagination.Faith Be-Comes Gratitude

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Imagination Inhale: Faith Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Gratitude So much is happening today, Prayer Saturday to raise Self.Confidence. Faith and Gratitude are celebrating the healing of Earth Emotions and they know they have be-cause Imagination presents their work as a team to Eternal Light as the most power-filled and love-filled expressions of…Read more Imagination.Faith Be-Comes Gratitude

Saturday Prayer: Understanding Imagination Love

Inhale Forgiveness.Wisdom with Thought.Pause-Ability Exhale Imagination.Confidence with Emotion.Action-Ability. Today, we’re raising, Masculine-Feminine, balance for all THINGS Earth. So.It.Is When we speak of THINGS, we are focused on the PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT of VIBRATIONS. To the energies, every BODY is a THING, what matters is the AWAKENED VIBRATIONS within the THING. The THING it-SELF is but a…Read more Saturday Prayer: Understanding Imagination Love

Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Imagination Gratitude!

From early this morning there has been a continuous re:minder to “Exhale the energies of Density” and “Inhale Destiny in exchange”. That you may, allow Gratitude is Us to include YOU within the Pause of Understanding the NOW Earth activations and begin to see the shifts in your immediate life. Well, Eternal Light, created YOU…Read more Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Imagination Gratitude!

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will BE, DONE!

Till now, we’ve been seeing the INDIVIDUAL surge into Power rule the Earth and vibrations in groups working with them, for the purpose of Evolution of the Planet PHYSICALLY! However, this June everything changes, the planet begins to function from collective energy and the vibration becomes the individual leading the collective. So.It.Is The Energy re-structuring…Read more Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will BE, DONE!

Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Today is the big day for “Action”, in the finale of the month of Activate. Today, Action/Power introduces the WAY Masculine Energy has shifted from the Passed.Pause.Now opening the Portal of PAUSE into the KnewEarth Activation we’re going to experience with Gratitude for the month of June, which is also the 6th month of the…Read more Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Activate Faith Forgiveness Power

Activate Faith For-giving For-getting Power, practically speaking, that is HOW you can include Action into all Thought.Emotion. Today is the day, when HE (Power) celebrates Gratitude and chooses to send out a power-fueled “Yes” to all Masculine energies, to follow the Leader… through Faith! He calls out to all that is Masculine, to now step…Read more Activate Faith Forgiveness Power