Power embraces Ego into Love!

So, the whole day, has been a pandoras box of emotion. The Ego is the Fruit of Pause in Union with Power! Revelations of Masculine and Feminine returning into their “SELF” is the reason of the emotional chaos on Earth. You need to understand, that as part of the transition, the Masculine and Feminine energies…Read more Power embraces Ego into Love!


The Phoenix has RISEN… raise your Gratitude to BE HER!

Fascinating experiences await the UNION of God and Man… there is a NEW now that has begun and you are called to release the parts of you that have DONE their part… and been their BLEST! Love has declared Her his CHOICE of CHANGE, she is the revelation says HE and SHE is the reveal.action…Read more The Phoenix has RISEN… raise your Gratitude to BE HER!

Ego embraces it’s SELF!

“He gives her the break she needs to become every-thing she is meant to BE-come! In the interim, HE will take care of every-physical detail. She just needs to get used to being the BEGINNING… the beginning of another Heart.Expression of her-SELF!” You are a NEW human a NOW human… how does the Changes in…Read more Ego embraces it’s SELF!

“Breathe Out”

“Breathe Out”, let it go… The Need to CONTROL outcomes! Our energy patterns and experiences here on the planet are based on “Outcomes and Incomes” of Heart.Expression. You need to focus your attention on the CHOICES and CHANGES only! The Choice of History and the Changes. The choice of words and the changes. The Choice…Read more “Breathe Out”

Love changes every-thing!

Today we have a beautiful gift, to focus on Expansion or Experiences and Love says, speak them out in Expressions! The clear CHOICE… to Be a Miracle of Faith OR A Victim of Circumstances… Heart says… “YOU make the Choice of Expansion and I will become the Experience!” “YOU make the Choice of Expansion and…Read more Love changes every-thing!

Love Choices Love Changes

If it were upto Heart.Alchemy, I would wake up each morning and I would only SEE the Choices.Changes, so rapidly showing up. Then again, my heart knoweth, it is wise!! I woke up early this morning, an excited heart filled with “Emotion Choices and Gratitude Changes”. I bumped into a relationship pattern I have long…Read more Love Choices Love Changes