Two Words Two Worlds!!

Two Words: Responsibility and Accountability, Two Worlds Response.Ability and A.Count.Ability come up for review this weekend. Darkness, reckons the Human Race has distorted the purpose of these two words… it was never a GIVE word, these two were RECEIVE words or CHOICE words. Each time you make a CHOICE of Thought.Emotion.Action you receive with it…Read more Two Words Two Worlds!!


Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Wow! Love how talkative the energies get at the end of a month, not every month, but this one for sure! Activate has given the energies their moment of Exhale really, as we INHALE we activated the Internal Kingdom, the space where all vibrations begin their work with the Divine Self/Soul and so, for those…Read more Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Experience Power with Forgiveness Wisdom

Forgiveness wisdom, is a power, not many of us choose to indulge in because of fear. The reason why, because, Forgiveness Wisdom is a HEALING of the very FEAR that has held back Power. Power to create… people who pray “Forgiveness in Advance” actually activate WISDOM… and THIS, forgiveness centered wisdom, guides the person to…Read more Experience Power with Forgiveness Wisdom