Power.Choice “You will. BE a Sum Total of. Your Choices”

Her.Power Faith | Faith.Choice Her.Power We first received: On Earth| As.It.Is | In Heaven and On.Earth.As | It.Is.In.Heaven Every Choice you’ve ever made, you’ve made in the now moment of a thought, you do not make choices in the past or the future, you make choices in the present moment the NOW. Choice is a…Read more Power.Choice “You will. BE a Sum Total of. Your Choices”


Revelations of Power: Motivation or Motive.Action

Some days you use the word other days you experience the expansion… Some days it is just an expression other days it is the evidence! Here’s how it works, when you do know the MOTIVE the ACTION will FOLLOW and together, the union energy of Motive (Feminine) and Action (Masculine) becomes Motivation! It is HOW…Read more Revelations of Power: Motivation or Motive.Action

From Heart.Expression to Human.Evidence

Eternal Gratitude Heart.Expression Gratitude - Eternal Presence Spiritual.Heart.Expansion Choice!! You need to dream, in the midst of the chaos… not before it or after it, in the MIDST of IT! That is riding the WAVE! When things are good, you are good, when things are bad you are bad…. when things are okay and you…Read more From Heart.Expression to Human.Evidence

i. believe. in. God. Our Father. Almighty!

Once sentence… Another Perspective! I: The heart within the body Believe: External, Masculine, Logic, Physical, Choice In: Internal, Feminine, Emotion, Non-Physical, Presence God: Gift.Of.Darkness (remember, you close your eyes and pray, meditate, imagine) Womb, Feminine, Internal Presence, Non Physical Being, Emotion, Presence Our FATHER: How do you speak or define eternal… in words, Above All…Read more i. believe. in. God. Our Father. Almighty!

To Me You are perfect!

Some days… the Heart (HE) absolves you of the past, because the heart knows what it knows and it knows every heartbeat (S.H.E)! You are a gift, the world cannot unwrap, if YOU are not ready. It is time to declare the inevitable. It is time to stand up and say “I am Present”. You…Read more To Me You are perfect!