Restoration of Choice.Of.Heaven!

With the Activ8.Action of “Presence.On.Earth” on the 3rd Friday of the Year of Restore.Action dna Response.Ability, this Saturday is of special significance. Prayer.Saturday and it is the 20th day of the month of Faith & Love, the days of the Masculine or the Physical.Eyes.Action/Physicalisation of the Feminine expansions Begin their journey into Manifest… So.It.Is This…Read more Restoration of Choice.Of.Heaven!


Love chooses to hold her hand… Masculine is all about “Choices”

Amen to that! She is thrilled to speak about the PROCESS of Choices.Changes and Love as the Heart.Centre of Manifest.Action on Earth (1107 ours) Today is the first 07 of the year… and you could refer to the post in which I have shared the Number vibrations of the year… 2018 and keep it handy!…Read more Love chooses to hold her hand… Masculine is all about “Choices”

Power TelL Union with Power i.e ForWord

Eternal. Presence. Us. Choice! Eternal.Presence.I.Choice… EPIC… beginning to this 17th Day of Knew.Endings & New.Beginnings of the year of She.Eternal.He.Love. The most critical shift that occurred through this year is the grand shift of Feminine was TWO and Masculine was ONE, we end the year with SHE as ONE and HE as TWO! The expansions,…Read more Power TelL Union with Power i.e ForWord

He: Heart.Expression embraces Alchemy

Breathing Pattern T.i.ME: Breathe in : Eternal Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Faith Breathe Out: Choice Hello Heartbeats… yesterday, when the Sun embraced darkness and became a spectacle in one part of the planIt, the other side celebrated the New Moon, Darkness her-self. The increase of Darkness, brought joy as we participated in the US of changes,…Read more He: Heart.Expression embraces Alchemy