Let there BE Power Gratitude!

There is much happening out-side of you, these are the emotions, that the masculine (Physical) has embraced into Him-Self so, that ONCE physical… the Feminine Energy becomes “Temporary Manifestations” that they mayBE destroyed. Eternal Presence Heart.Expression Love : Choice! The CHAOS on the planet is Revelations or Reveal.Actions at its best. The Feminine Unseen receives…Read more Let there BE Power Gratitude!


What are Priorities?

Prior-I-Ties… are the soul choices made and stored in your Heart.Body.Mind.Soul, this subtle energy is Feminine energy! Ever felt your HEART push for a certain action… that it feels so inspired that it does not tire you? Ever noticed there are things that you do, that drain you? Ever noticed that there is a very…Read more What are Priorities?

She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

… She is the Choice of Darkness and the Presence of Light! To the Eternal Be all Glory! “She is Her and She is HerE”… revelations of Presence of Light on this day of Choice of Darkness! A statue, is symbolic of ENERGY placement, I am not much of a “Statue” person, honestly, yet, my…Read more She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

The Phoenix has RISEN… raise your Gratitude to BE HER!

Fascinating experiences await the UNION of God and Man… there is a NEW now that has begun and you are called to release the parts of you that have DONE their part… and been their BLEST! Love has declared Her his CHOICE of CHANGE, she is the revelation says HE and SHE is the reveal.action…Read more The Phoenix has RISEN… raise your Gratitude to BE HER!

Choices are Prayers : Prayers are Choices

Eternal Presence -Being Us Gratitude-Choice! Began this piece today, many times over… as my choices turn up and tell me exactly, what I chose and how they’ve turned out. Not an easy review… I can tell you! Yet, one of the most power-filled transitions that continue to impact my heart. Today is the 9th day…Read more Choices are Prayers : Prayers are Choices

“I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!

Oh! The changes are happening so rapidly, each day, something new to learn to detach from… and strangely, to my human understanding, makes so much sense… that the synchronicity, makes me both nervous and happy at the same time. Its like “being the paradox”, every moment is a CHOICE, I am being called to make!…Read more “I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!