Power.Gratitude in Union introduce Darkness

Power.Gratitude, begin their Us journey as ONE with Eternal.Love of Thoughts.Emotion.Action of Eternal.Faith.Womb. I know it reads a little complicated today, yet, over the next few days, you’ll come to see and understand their presence. They are the Union of Power.Gratitude… the Power of Eternal (Masculine) and Gratitude of Darkness (Feminine). I know and understand,…Read more Power.Gratitude in Union introduce Darkness


Energy Upgrades and Updates

Focus on Breath and Birth … Be.Leave the REST to ME! The beauty of the blessing we can CHOOSE to RECEIVE if we Be.Leave the need to control that which is outside of Us. She is setting the foundation of the knew.earth and you are given a perfect opportunity to review your perspective and choices.…Read more Energy Upgrades and Updates

Two Words Two Worlds!!

Two Words: Responsibility and Accountability, Two Worlds Response.Ability and A.Count.Ability come up for review this weekend. Darkness, reckons the Human Race has distorted the purpose of these two words… it was never a GIVE word, these two were RECEIVE words or CHOICE words. Each time you make a CHOICE of Thought.Emotion.Action you receive with it…Read more Two Words Two Worlds!!

I am He, I am Her and I am Here!

What a fascinating day and date and what a wonder-fueled download of energy. There are two extremes in play, them who have taken time to embrace their darkness and meet the light within and others who are still choosing to fear the darkness and are blinded, pained, feeling like they have been let down, depression…Read more I am He, I am Her and I am Here!

Go for the Knew, the New being sold to you is but an illusion ;)

There are some thoughts you always feel and these are thoughts you trust, emotions you trust, actions you trust. These are simply your Knew.Memories! Over, the years, the external sounds of the planet, have caused you to forget them or often bypass them for the ones that are louder and most often come from outside…Read more Go for the Knew, the New being sold to you is but an illusion 😉

Activation of the K.E.Y

You see, there is a moment that is frozen as a memory of a new.beginning, today we, celebrate a Knew.Ending instead. You need to understand, that becoming aware of OLD PATTERNS and responding with a new choice, is, in a way, a knew.ending. Knew.Ending.Year, stories, began on the 1st day of the month with Heart.Unions…Read more Activation of the K.E.Y

Us Eternal of Expansions and Experiences

What a month November has been, Unions, expansions and experiences! As we look back at the month that’s been… A lot of Belief’s have been challenged, everyone is looking for a new meaning to old issues that keep coming up… Be.Leaf or Be like a leave, feel free to change colour … dry up fall…Read more Us Eternal of Expansions and Experiences