Faith has chosen the word “Guilt”… to Heal for ALL!

0827, 847, 919 30th Day of Replacement of LiGhT, Reflections of Power & Faith… Faith Wednesday 30 is the consolidation of the month’s energy anchoring in Faith… so yay… 4.All emotions… we’re on our way to healing the very foundations of the Earth. The CALL TO PRAYER is the most potent gift we can “Include…Read more Faith has chosen the word “Guilt”… to Heal for ALL!


21st Friday: Review: #RaiseTheWhy

0946, 1010, 1011 We enter the weeks of Growth of the Masculine… there is set to be a windfall… what you’ve given … what you’ve dreamed… what you’ve always wanted is now “OPEN” and waiting for you to ASK for it to appear. We step into the next phase… we’re close to closing the month…Read more 21st Friday: Review: #RaiseTheWhy

The Masculine and Feminine Purpose

0803 858 We are here … on Purpose…. The purpose is to continue to find ways to allow the Masculine & Feminine to come.union for the purpose of Evolution. And so… it is critical… at some point to MATCH Emotion with the Physical and the Physical with Emotion. It is now, clear, that when we…Read more The Masculine and Feminine Purpose

Power.Thought & Physical.Gratitude … Love INCLUDES ALL

1110 1122 1140 when you’re LOVE  You can be physcially busy doing anything… you are subconsciously doing EXACTLY what you are meant to do! Just CHOOSE not to struggle… with circumstances… pray through them…. pray with them…. pray 4 them to increase your Faith in Love… here in the physical.emotion called Earth through the…Read more Power.Thought & Physical.Gratitude … Love INCLUDES ALL

Emotion.Questions Physical.Answers : YOU Quest.Action

You need to begin to live this path. It is time to let the past be.long to itself. Remember, you are HERE and that is the MOST IMPORTANT part you need to focus you physical attention on. The material world is created by YOU, for you… if you choose to stay away from material… you…Read more Emotion.Questions Physical.Answers : YOU Quest.Action

Our You, 2 begin a.gain!

A lot happens when the energies shifts even though subtle, begin you and reflect as lessons on the out.side. This is to help you understand HOW emotion listens or what emotion connects with. This afternoon, I experienced the Presence of a TRIGGER. Trigger, is a question/situation/words that evoke emotion, which is either individual…Read more Our You, 2 begin a.gain!

She is born again… vibrationally… into the Image & Likeness of Us of Eternal.Power.Gratitude.Darkness!

if there is a date in the HerStory of the year 2018, it is today, the 24th of January 2018… This day represents He.Power.Gratitude, How.Faith Resurrect.Action, Who.Love.Consult.Action, the What.When.Why.Where of Power… not just any Power… Eternal Power to Alchemy and Anoint! Every.human.being, I have ever created, has been given the gift of FreeWill to make…Read more She is born again… vibrationally… into the Image & Likeness of Us of Eternal.Power.Gratitude.Darkness!