October Energy: Revelations Reveal Actions Rev:Elation

Revelations: Reveal.Actions: Rev.Elation to Participate or Part.I.See.P8 The finale of the year of New Endings, it is all about Evollove or evolved Love. This is the month of Mirror of choices, activation of Changes… Choices affirmed are Changes confirmed. October, the first month of the Finale Trimester of the Year of KnewEndings… this is HARVEST…Read more October Energy: Revelations Reveal Actions Rev:Elation


SHE Choice… Power!

… choosing to be one! Today, the 19th day of Choices.Changes, we complete the 1 SHE (Spiritual.Heart.Expansion)  with 9 Choice on Power Tuesday. He is the choice she makes! Heart.Expression is the choice Spiritual.Heart.Expansion makes… So.It.Is I noticed, there is “Follow Through”… When the Masculine and Feminine energy become ONE! Heart.Expression becomes the WAY and…Read more SHE Choice… Power!

Unification of the Masculine & Feminine… Phew!!

The paradigm shift of Thought.Action in union with Emotion.Pause is the foundation of Life Purpose (Masculine) or Why did I (Heart) choose to incarnate?  and Purpose of Life (Feminine) Who am I? She Eternal He Eternal and then there is Life Purpose and Purpose of Life, one led by the Masculine in US and the…Read more Unification of the Masculine & Feminine… Phew!!

Gratitude is Us is an Anointing

It is only the 2nd day of the month and there already seems to be this urgency to step into the fascinating experience of “Dreams come through”! So, yay… even with the full moon on the 6th… Knewmerology wise… Gratitude! It is beginning to feel like a really big month and heartbeats seem to be…Read more Gratitude is Us is an Anointing

September Energy: Choices.Changes

Welcome to the Month of Choice.Changes! We now enter the 3rd month of the 3rdtrimester of the year of the year of KnewEndings! So many energetic changes occurred through the 6th-8th month of the year, Communication (Come-Union.In.Action), Presence of Wisdom has made ground for the month of Choices.Changes. The key to living the Love of…Read more September Energy: Choices.Changes

Forgiveness to Forgiven Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale:He Exhale: She BreatheOut: Love Hold My Hand I’ll Hold your Heart Let’s Alchemy Heartbeats “Forgiveness is NoW ForgivenUs” says HeartBEATS He: Heart She: Heartbeat He: Eternal She: Darkness He:Thought She:Thing He:Love She:Gratitude He:Power She:Faith He:Confidence She:Wisdom Sow.Us is Being Us: the heart and the heartbeat. Love embraces Darkness, a…Read more Forgiveness to Forgiven Us

Energy Upgrades on 24/7

Gratitude – remember- today is the day we celebrate Forgiveness.Action is Pause or Forgiveness.Power is Gratitude. When Gratitude is in Forgiveness, she is the Pause, Thought chooses his Action.Emotion to be-come a THING. Today, Gratitude makes a CHOICE, she declares “TheDarkness”, her Power/Action in which she breathes into the Alchemy of Thoughts.Be-Come.Things into BEING Us.Energy.…Read more Energy Upgrades on 24/7