Action-Ability Be-Comes Emotion-Ability

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: HE Inhale: Action-Ability Exhale:Emotion-Ability Breathe Out: SHE On this 2nd day of Presence, we are given Ability- Imagine-Action to replace Imagination with Action-Ability and Emotion-Ability of Choices that increase Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, may receive the Presence of Wisdom. Today is a day, to allow your Faith to lead you into your own darkness…Read more Action-Ability Be-Comes Emotion-Ability


Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence

Breathing Pattern : BreathIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Love Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Confidence Today, Thought Thursday, Love for-gives “Being Us” the gift of new Patterns to L.I.V.E (Let.In.Visual.Expansion) of L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) that you may Believe and Receive. Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence and with Emotion.Pause-Ability  of Thought.Action-Ability, Confidence Be-Comes Self Confidence.  SHE tells ME, all of that which you…Read more Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence

Forgiveness Us Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: Breathein: Forgiveness, Inhale: Us, Exhale: Be-Comes Breathe Out: Emotion Welcome to the Era of Thought Be-Come Thing with Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence on Earth We step into the Come-Union-In-Action of Emotion of Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence today, Power is Us Sunday, the 23rd (Forgiveness.Us) day of Communication of the Year of Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination.Love. So.It.Is The…Read more Forgiveness Us Be-Comes Emotion

Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIN: Imagination Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Believe Faith Wednesday is a brand new beginning within itself, today, she brings together into Emotion, all of the Masculine expansions and expressions of L.O.V.E and Come-Union-In-Action, with Imagination.Confidence that the Feminine may BELIEVE again. Today, we’re clearly being called to come-union in Emotion. Faith…Read more Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Twin Flames Be-Comes Presence

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Gratitude is Us Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thought BreatheOut: Love Friday: Gratitude is Us. 7. 7. 2017: Love. Communication. Forgiveness Eternal Light Imagination Love. Love be-comes Thought, Gratitude Be-Comes Things, establishing the TwinFlame energy at the Highest Level of Being. This means, the re:pairing is in the works in…Read more Twin Flames Be-Comes Presence

Faith Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thoughts Breathe Out: Emotion Day Energy: Wednesday Faith, 5th day of Communication of the year of KnewEndings, 5th day of the 3rd (Us.EL) Trimester. When a day is reflecting the date, Faith is Doubled When Faith of Divine Decent and Faith of Earth are…Read more Faith Be-Comes Emotion

Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Our Emotions, when in LOVE are the most beautiful gift we for-give ourselves and others. Today Emotions are at their happiest in the Internal Kingdom, healed in Faith and now presented to LOVE and BE-LOVE … we are called to Love Emotion with Imagination, that’s Wisdom! When Wisdom receives healed Emotions, Confidence is at HIS…Read more Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom