Jesus Power … Jesus Gratitude… We Have Embraced!

This is the first time, in the many months, I have been working with the energies, that the 9th has made a significant choice, to express itself… and it all may be because of the very essence of this month… Union of Thought.Emotion.Action… I was called to introspect.action… action is the Union of Thought.Emotion made…Read more Jesus Power … Jesus Gratitude… We Have Embraced!


When you make a CHOICE… Remember it everyday!

Most people make CHOICES from emotion… forgetting they are PHYSICAL beings of Emotion… emphasis on the PHYSICAL is be.cause, the physical is the T.i.Me.Line /temporary… and the key is the EMOTION.all growth. In through… we simply impact the emotion of the planet by to be here and make “Choices” You choose the Jesus…Read more When you make a CHOICE… Remember it everyday!

Power.Gratitude leads the Now to the Knew…

“To Do” or “To Be” is a choice you were called to make today. Today is the Active.Action or Activation of the Knew.Earth of Power.Gratitude. To put this in simple words, the Union energies come-union. So, the transition or transfer.action from the polarity of Masculine and Feminine to the UNION, begins today. Gratitude, took a…Read more Power.Gratitude leads the Now to the Knew…

Heart asks you to make a L.O.V.E Choice!

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: She Inhale: Love Exhale: Presence BreatheOut: Thought “Presence of Love and Gratitude, is the key to making a choice.” says the Heart. “Every heartbeat, is feeling the contradiction and so, we, both the heart and the heartbeat, the masculine and feminine, have decided to totally surrender to Love and Gratitude of…Read more Heart asks you to make a L.O.V.E Choice!

Forgiveness.Confidence Be-Comes Alchemy

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Feel Prayer Saturday, Pray with Self.Confidence today, that you may FeEL the shift, pray, with the Presence of Your Heart today. Let HE (Heart.Expression) increase your SHE (Spiritual.Heart.Expansion). Today Forgiveness Embraces Eternal Light, Darkness Embraces Light, Spiritual.Heart.Expansion embraces Heart.Expression. The Mighty ALCHEMY of Faith &…Read more Forgiveness.Confidence Be-Comes Alchemy

Thursday Love: Understanding Forgiveness Confidence

Breathing Pattern : Breathe In(Mouth): Forgiveness Inhale (nose): Womb of Things Exhale (Nose): Womb of Thought Breathe Out(mouth): Confidence. We have 3 energies coming into union today, yay! Love Forgiveness Confidence and if you go by the numbers, you are also breathing in Imagine-Action.Confidence and returning back into Forgiveness. I am not saying it Knewmerology…Read more Thursday Love: Understanding Forgiveness Confidence

Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

with the activation of the Earth Kingdom, you have entered the NOW. Remember, Earth Kingdom is where you are the center of the vibrational movement, energy-motion (Emotion), Feminine. So.It.Is No-thing is masculine, nothing is feminine is the paradox we’re living and learning to #Raise. (Just love this line… pretty infinite, really, so am keeping it,…Read more Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!