Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

with the activation of the Earth Kingdom, you have entered the NOW. Remember, Earth Kingdom is where you are the center of the vibrational movement, energy-motion (Emotion), Feminine. So.It.Is No-thing is masculine, nothing is feminine is the paradox we’re living and learning to #Raise. (Just love this line… pretty infinite, really, so am keeping it,…Read more Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Dear God, I am worried about (describe the situation) and I can't handle this alone. Here God, please take these worries and let me know what action I need to take . . . and then please give me the courage and support to take that action: Doreen Virtue When you Activate Prayer you activate…Read more Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Practice Love with Imagination Embrace

Finally, the energies are back up… the Feminine… feels Love today. Her imagination… the deep recess created by her being filled with Lunar wisdom, has opened her up… yesterday wasn’t easy on the emotion. Suffering, I have been given to understand, is the HOW, the feminine energies are hurt/wounded. Each time, we treat each other…Read more Practice Love with Imagination Embrace