G.o.D Confidence is Good for Prayer

This morning isn’t very different, my body is HOLDING emotions … I can tell by the swelling in my feet “time to slow down” to “Observe” to “Allow” YES 4.Me to settle into place… I realise, my body holds SOUL POWER Wisdom.Imagination.Forgiveness.Confidence… As I spoke to my heart and through my heart… here’s what I…Read more G.o.D Confidence is Good for Prayer


Change the Narrative…

the word Narrative, caught my fancy a week back… Felt like home. It is about the story being told … it felt life was telling me something… each time I used the word Narrative, something felt closer. Then the word that has been speaking to and through me for most of today “Confidence”… like there…Read more Change the Narrative…

Love embraces Emotion: Presence of Wisdom Complete!

To Love is to feel the Embrace of Power Gratitude filling the pauses between parts of you that are drenched in Masculine and parts of you drenched in Feminine. The last two days of the month of Presence of Wisdom: This morning I woke up with a feeling of  “It is Finished”! Like my heart…Read more Love embraces Emotion: Presence of Wisdom Complete!

Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence

Breathing Pattern : BreathIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Love Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Confidence Today, Thought Thursday, Love for-gives “Being Us” the gift of new Patterns to L.I.V.E (Let.In.Visual.Expansion) of L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) that you may Believe and Receive. Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence and with Emotion.Pause-Ability  of Thought.Action-Ability, Confidence Be-Comes Self Confidence.  SHE tells ME, all of that which you…Read more Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence

Forgiveness Us Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: Breathein: Forgiveness, Inhale: Us, Exhale: Be-Comes Breathe Out: Emotion Welcome to the Era of Thought Be-Come Thing with Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence on Earth We step into the Come-Union-In-Action of Emotion of Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence today, Power is Us Sunday, the 23rd (Forgiveness.Us) day of Communication of the Year of Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination.Love. So.It.Is The…Read more Forgiveness Us Be-Comes Emotion

Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIN: Imagination Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Believe Faith Wednesday is a brand new beginning within itself, today, she brings together into Emotion, all of the Masculine expansions and expressions of L.O.V.E and Come-Union-In-Action, with Imagination.Confidence that the Feminine may BELIEVE again. Today, we’re clearly being called to come-union in Emotion. Faith…Read more Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Imagination.Wisdom Be-Comes Confidence

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale: Wisdom Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Confidence Power is Action and Tuesday belongs to Power so today is Action Tuesday, it is also the day when Imagine-Action.Wisdom restores Confidence. It is the day when Imagination fills Forgiveness.Wisdom, with all of the Masculine come-union-in-action, of Thought Be-Come Things. It is important…Read more Imagination.Wisdom Be-Comes Confidence