Manifesting begins …

… All of our Choices are being presented to Eternal… all the Choices we’ve made in the Darkness… to Manifest the Choice of Light. This is a re:emergence of the Masculine or the period of Physical.Eyes. Presence of Darkness.Choice of Light begins with Heart.Expression becoming Human.Evidence. The moment of Truth… I hope the choices you’ve…Read more Manifesting begins …


She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

… She is the Choice of Darkness and the Presence of Light! To the Eternal Be all Glory! “She is Her and She is HerE”… revelations of Presence of Light on this day of Choice of Darkness! A statue, is symbolic of ENERGY placement, I am not much of a “Statue” person, honestly, yet, my…Read more She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

Presence of Light.Choice of Darkness

Darkness is a safe haven, or so it is BELIEVED… Keeping IT in the DARK, we believe, we’ve “TAKEN CARE OF IT”, however, wake up call… what you sow in the darkness… eventually GROWS into LIGHT and that is the LAW of NATURE! Every-thing WILL eventually… GROW into SOME-THING Greater that its HUMBLE beginnings… The…Read more Presence of Light.Choice of Darkness

HE is the Beginning SHE is the End!

Understanding, the END from a brand new paradigm… the Sun/Moon, Masculine/Feminine, Heart.Expression/Spiritual.Heart.Expansion, Human.Evidence/Sacred.Heart.Experiences, Seed/Womb! Earth.Realm is where WORDS become FLESH, in HeyWhen/Heaven every-thing is THOUGHT… remember, it is pure energy, vibration, frequency…. On Earth, is where the physical occurs. While the Physical Earth is Masculine, the Earth is Feminine… do you see the Balance. The…Read more HE is the Beginning SHE is the End!

Heart says… Love is the Change and you are the Choice!

Love has chosen to change how you experience life… and love has chosen you to be HIS PERSON! Expect miracles focus on Love. Thoughts you LOVE are waiting to Become things that you Love. You just need to do your part… focus on Love, with all the Power of your WILL… and it WILL COME…Read more Heart says… Love is the Change and you are the Choice!

“Breathe Out”

“Breathe Out”, let it go… The Need to CONTROL outcomes! Our energy patterns and experiences here on the planet are based on “Outcomes and Incomes” of Heart.Expression. You need to focus your attention on the CHOICES and CHANGES only! The Choice of History and the Changes. The choice of words and the changes. The Choice…Read more “Breathe Out”

Expression.Expansion.Experience of Choices!

Every CHOICE has CHANGED History… and if YOU look back… and look at Evolution holistically… you will SEE the absolute TRUTH of the Power of Choice… Choice of Thought, Choice of Emotion, Choice of Action and Choice of Pause! In a fantastic conversation today Faith Wednesday filled with She-BeingUS Power… Choices and the changes that…Read more Expression.Expansion.Experience of Choices!