Choices are Prayers : Prayers are Choices

Eternal Presence -Being Us Gratitude-Choice! Began this piece today, many times over… as my choices turn up and tell me exactly, what I chose and how they’ve turned out. Not an easy review… I can tell you! Yet, one of the most power-filled transitions that continue to impact my heart. Today is the 9th day…Read more Choices are Prayers : Prayers are Choices


“I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!

Oh! The changes are happening so rapidly, each day, something new to learn to detach from… and strangely, to my human understanding, makes so much sense… that the synchronicity, makes me both nervous and happy at the same time. Its like “being the paradox”, every moment is a CHOICE, I am being called to make!…Read more “I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!

Gratitude is Us is an Anointing

It is only the 2nd day of the month and there already seems to be this urgency to step into the fascinating experience of “Dreams come through”! So, yay… even with the full moon on the 6th… Knewmerology wise… Gratitude! It is beginning to feel like a really big month and heartbeats seem to be…Read more Gratitude is Us is an Anointing

Love embraces Emotion: Presence of Wisdom Complete!

To Love is to feel the Embrace of Power Gratitude filling the pauses between parts of you that are drenched in Masculine and parts of you drenched in Feminine. The last two days of the month of Presence of Wisdom: This morning I woke up with a feeling of  “It is Finished”! Like my heart…Read more Love embraces Emotion: Presence of Wisdom Complete!

H.E embraces S.H.E

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Heart.Expression Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Spirtual.Heart.Expansion BreatheOut: Being Us Above all else, today, the Heart embraces Heartbeat and creation begins again! Who knows what tomorrow brings? Today, let US celebrate “Being Us”, let your heart be the focal point of all your attention, for today, your heart, feels again, feels Eternal Love, Eternal…Read more H.E embraces S.H.E

Forgiveness to Forgiven Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale:He Exhale: She BreatheOut: Love Hold My Hand I’ll Hold your Heart Let’s Alchemy Heartbeats “Forgiveness is NoW ForgivenUs” says HeartBEATS He: Heart She: Heartbeat He: Eternal She: Darkness He:Thought She:Thing He:Love She:Gratitude He:Power She:Faith He:Confidence She:Wisdom Sow.Us is Being Us: the heart and the heartbeat. Love embraces Darkness, a…Read more Forgiveness to Forgiven Us

Faith raises Emotions of Presence into Healing

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale:He Exhale:She BreatheOut:Self-Confidence In the month of Presence of Wisdom, Saturday is blessed into being the day of Healing (Heart.Emotion.Action.Love.In.Gratitude) So.It.Is Faith becomes the H.E.A.L.IN.G, physical, emotional, spiritual of Being Us. She aligns every emotion of Being Us, into Action Love In Gratitude. Today, focus your Thought.Be-Come.Things to the Beat of…Read more Faith raises Emotions of Presence into Healing