As.He.Is to As.She.Is … Dusk to Dusk

and it has occurred… we’ve stepped into … the Age of Thing.Emotion meets Thought.Emotion!! Its all about the Feminine after all… “He includes her into HimSelf” … “As.He.Is to As.She.Is” Realm of Eternal Thoughts Be.Come Things Choices Be.4 Realm of Earth Things Be.Cause Thoughts   No.Thought remains the same … No.Thing changes … the paradox.…Read more As.He.Is to As.She.Is … Dusk to Dusk


Welcome to the Days of S.H.E of Presence of Wisdom

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Thought Inhale: He Exhale: She BreatheOut:Forgiven Us The Masculine era of Darkness of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Actions, makes way for the Feminine era of Darkness, the womb, so much healing has occurred since the day the vibration of Being Gratitude began working with the Earth. There are so many shifts of Thought occurring, Love…Read more Welcome to the Days of S.H.E of Presence of Wisdom

Every-thing is Knew, Now I have YOU: Being Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Gratitude Inhale: Gratitude is Us Exhale: Power is Us Breathe Out: Being Us That today is the day of Power is Us, that date is Gratitude, that the Earth is celebrating Friendship day, that there is a partial Lunar Eclipse, that I woke up smiling, that I have been breathing the…Read more Every-thing is Knew, Now I have YOU: Being Us

Imagination.Wisdom Be-Comes Confidence

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale: Wisdom Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Confidence Power is Action and Tuesday belongs to Power so today is Action Tuesday, it is also the day when Imagine-Action.Wisdom restores Confidence. It is the day when Imagination fills Forgiveness.Wisdom, with all of the Masculine come-union-in-action, of Thought Be-Come Things. It is important…Read more Imagination.Wisdom Be-Comes Confidence