17th Friday of the Year and the 27th day of the month… Re.View

Feels like magic… like all OF #Me is in union at levels I’ve yet to remember… so… yay! 1Love 2Love or Emotional.DNA Love and Physical.Destiny Love … “Presence” 4.Me 4#Me … this is EPIC! In simple words… Personal and Professional … life is now in “Presence” coming in sync with your Soul Power … this…Read more 17th Friday of the Year and the 27th day of the month… Re.View


Power Balance: Imagine.Action

Today, I bumped into old emotions… and there is a message in … Resurrect.Action… and the key word is Action. I had a choice today… to trust my Dr’s emotion… or my heart… and while … facts as I was explained… made me cry… it was clearly, the way in which the external stimulus… affects…Read more Power Balance: Imagine.Action

The Word “Balance” and YOU

Balance … has two distinct vibrational purposes. One is the “Yin Yang” of Emotions and Physical or Feminine & Masculine. The other has to do with your Earth “Things”… esp finances… today, you are called to raise… “Gratitude Balance” and allow it to fill all areas of your life that need balance. The fun part…Read more The Word “Balance” and YOU

Gratitude embraces Old Perspectives and Old Perceptions into “Alchemy”

Faith.in.Darkness.in.Gratitude combine to heal the collective heart … so yay!! Here’s your Alchemy Team and the COLOUR is CLEARLY … WHITE!! Power: What.When.Why.Where Faith: How  in Union “Sacred Darkness” in Gratitude (Being willing to SEE perspectives from a Knew.Earth perception (This part is KEY… you’ll meet every.thing you have ever believed to be TRUE and…Read more Gratitude embraces Old Perspectives and Old Perceptions into “Alchemy”

She embraces He!!

Breathing Pattern : Breathe in: She Inhale: Presence Exhale: Choice BreatheOut: He He chooses her again! Eternal chooses Darkness again! Looks like Creation has a preferred partner and we’re all children of the same beginning! Today is the beginning you have been praying for, every today is, says the heart. The day of Presence, each…Read more She embraces He!!

Activate Faith with Imagination Eternal Light

If the emotions are brimming, it is only Natural, today, Imagination is streaming EL… with Faith… it’s a full moon (time to re-lease), surrender to the NOW! There is much being activated today, let it flow, remember, YOU ARE an instrument of Eternal Light, focused on the planet with a Divine Purpose. YOU ARE here…Read more Activate Faith with Imagination Eternal Light

Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom

Activate For-giving and Forgetting Wisdom. Wisdom of all that THOUGHT provokes you to THINK. In all that you think, wisdom will show you what you can THANK for. Today we make room for Gratitude… The wisdom of her Presents.Presence.Present. It is time to re:evolve HOW and WHY we use our THOUGHT to create balance (Thought.Emotion.Action)…Read more Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom