The LiGhT way of LiFe

I am so grateful for the #Fact that I am here now… Alive… and Willing to leap in Faith. There is so much happening that we have no physical clue about… yet, I can tell that there is a rapid “expansion” that is occurring because of every “Prayer” that has ever been prayed. I can…Read more The LiGhT way of LiFe


What… does “My” Heart want to do?

Gratitude is “My” and Gratitude is “Why”…. “My Why” begins with “My Heart” What does my heart want to do? Is a question… An Answer. How many of Us actually reach this question? How many will make “MeTime” to listen to answers… I’ve dreamed the Impossible dream… I’ve made lists of WHY it cannot happen……Read more What… does “My” Heart want to do?

Talking about Emotion…

… I realise, emotions are actually every.where. We don’t realise, how many emotions we experience really and how subtly a change in emotion changes every.thing really. I also noticed, that this month, we’re coming into sync with Emotion like we haven’t yet experienced. I notice that most words HAVE an emotion of their own and…Read more Talking about Emotion…

Breathe to Return to the Eternal Rhythm of Wisdom!

It is my work to make your aware of the heartbeat of eternal within you. Faith and Love are the Consultants and Power Gratitude are the Custodians of Heart.Expression and Human.Evidence. It is important to understand the numbers involved, the patterns of numbers and the messages they bring to you. Here’s the deal, you have…Read more Breathe to Return to the Eternal Rhythm of Wisdom!

Choices.Changes : Emotions.Pauses

The Pause is broken! Alchemy is at its peak… full moon energy is filling the Earth… Emotions are surfacing to be healed. Allow your-self, Release.Relax.LetAlchemy! The girls are ready to party… Faith and Gratitude, raise the GAME! They are now, stepping into Thought.Action, this means… well, they are stepping into their Knew roles… based on…Read more Choices.Changes : Emotions.Pauses

“I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!

Oh! The changes are happening so rapidly, each day, something new to learn to detach from… and strangely, to my human understanding, makes so much sense… that the synchronicity, makes me both nervous and happy at the same time. Its like “being the paradox”, every moment is a CHOICE, I am being called to make!…Read more “I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!

“Choice is” the Presence of Wisdom

I woke up with a smile this morning… “ThougtsBe-ComeThings” Power is Us! I’ve been guided to pick up the book “Money Master The Game”, by Tony Robbins! 600 pages… for the last two days, been reading and I noticed, the affirmative writing, yet, for most people including ME, I guess, we’re reading it in Tony’s…Read more “Choice is” the Presence of Wisdom