My name is Deepanjali Rao, born on the 24th of December, I believe there is a purpose for choosing this day to be born. My First and most powerful relationship is with Jesus! I believe, everything that has ever happened or is happening or will ever happen in my life is connected to something my Grandmother tells me I said when I was all of 2 “because Jesus wants it”

My greatest influence divine guardian on earth in the first 20 years of my life was my maternal grandma… Clara Gibson… in my journey with her… I learnt how to love and most importantly I picked up “ThankYOU ThankYOU ThankYOU” as her gift to my soul when she passed on in 1997 when I was just 20… a little … very little over 40 days before I turned 21

In 2007 I was blessed with an obsessive compulsive word… which I now know as my Divine Purpose… #Gratitude!!  It would give me immense excitement and pleasure to change lives with perspectives of gratitude! Somehow, I would be able and am able to connect to any situation or solution using the very powerful energetic frequency by tuning the thought to gratitude and intuitively going with whatever came to mind… sometimes… sounding perfectly impossible… for the next couple of years… Gratitude would continue to channel through me… and healing became a habit and trust me… I loved the “Really” “WOW” and the many manifestations of the Positive Influence Gratitude had in my own life and the lives of others

in 2011 I began a foundation… DeePositive Foundation… my mission to create experiences which would amplify include and expand gratitude into a way of life. The way Gratitude made its way into mine… one experience at a time… one person at a time… and I gave birth to a project in Delhi, India… called Santa Workshop!! Phew… what a ride it has been since then… I have personally witnessed the power of gratitude begin to infect and affect people… so many more people use the word gratitude now… and that in Delhi, is a FIRST.

So, Gratitude has caused me to do some “thought-breaking” work and my thrill… well… the many lives I have observed, transformed and that is my grandest gift to both myself and God, whom, I believe I am here to re-introduce with and through Gratitude.

9 SantaWorkshop energetic tansformational events later … I was drained in a way that was almost crippling… I had absorbed so much and healed so much … I had forgotten to take care of me… funny that the last Santa Workshop I did in November of 2015 … the Heavens gave me three new key words to work with “Amplification.Inclusion.Expansion” for the year beginning 16th November 2015- 15th November 2016!

I completed 39 years of breathing on the planet on the 24th of December last year… and on the 25th… I was given new information… “Re-Union of Love and Gratitude”… and with this amazing new energetic expansion… I began a brand new journey… now 33 weeks of KNEW!!

Some of the Divine Angels of God’s own heart… Emmanuel Dagher, Doreen Virtue, Melissa Liddel, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Sacred Dreams, Healing with Love and Light and Love has Won… have only confirmed my discoveries and continue to be the messengers who, when I have a question and I am too absorbed in “thinking”… energetically post… exactly what I need to know… and I feel like they are here to help me… to take one breath at a time… to continue to RECEIVE that which is meant to be GIVEN!!

Trust me… some of the intuitive information and energetic information I receive, I actually am scared to share… just the human part… who wants to be called a fool or fake… these messages are so powerful… and when I don’t share it… I find it shared a couple of months later on someone else’s post… funny, that these absolute gems of information, when received from an external source feel more powerful and true, than when the information first meets you from your inner in-tuition!

This month, when the energetic Revelation is all about Relationship Healing… the first… is my own!! On the 30th of July I received my birth vision… that brilliant moment when I first breathed here on Earth… and I felt… released.. I now know exactly why I was born… on the 31st of July… I was re:united with my Divine Purpose… I cannot explain that moment… I just know that the journey will reveal it so… and so here I am…

… and I look forward to connecting with each of you personally or Energetically to ripple the Knew Beginnings and Perfectly assist your Karmic Endings!!






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