Let there BE Power Gratitude!

There is much happening out-side of you, these are the emotions, that the masculine (Physical) has embraced into Him-Self so, that ONCE physical… the Feminine Energy becomes “Temporary Manifestations” that they mayBE destroyed. Eternal Presence Heart.Expression Love : Choice! The CHAOS on the planet is Revelations or Reveal.Actions at its best. The Feminine Unseen receives…Read more Let there BE Power Gratitude!


Revelations of Power: Motivation or Motive.Action

Some days you use the word other days you experience the expansion… Some days it is just an expression other days it is the evidence! Here’s how it works, when you do know the MOTIVE the ACTION will FOLLOW and together, the union energy of Motive (Feminine) and Action (Masculine) becomes Motivation! It is HOW…Read more Revelations of Power: Motivation or Motive.Action

Darkness withdraws her Presence, lifts her veil…

… Let there be LIGHT! To all of you who have made Choices and invoked Changes, it is time to now T.E.A.M up and LIVE the NOW! When Darkness, withdraws her Presence… the REVEALING begins, or the REVELATIONS begin! It is NOW, that each Heart of Earth, comes into ALIGNMENT and AWARENESS or AWAKENS to…Read more Darkness withdraws her Presence, lifts her veil…

Heart.Expressions of Eternal Beginnings… New Moon!

We enter the days of Heart.Expression (2) leading the way… Hold my hand.I’ll hold your Heart. Lets Alchemy. T.i.Me Heartbeats! To have this co-infused with a New Moon… the stuff… Fairytales are made of. Today is the day to set Heart.Expressions… every 29 days we meet a New Moon… the beginning… also, helps us understand,…Read more Heart.Expressions of Eternal Beginnings… New Moon!

Expression.Expansion.Experience of Choices!

Every CHOICE has CHANGED History… and if YOU look back… and look at Evolution holistically… you will SEE the absolute TRUTH of the Power of Choice… Choice of Thought, Choice of Emotion, Choice of Action and Choice of Pause! In a fantastic conversation today Faith Wednesday filled with She-BeingUS Power… Choices and the changes that…Read more Expression.Expansion.Experience of Choices!

Choices.Changes : Emotions.Pauses

The Pause is broken! Alchemy is at its peak… full moon energy is filling the Earth… Emotions are surfacing to be healed. Allow your-self, Release.Relax.LetAlchemy! The girls are ready to party… Faith and Gratitude, raise the GAME! They are now, stepping into Thought.Action, this means… well, they are stepping into their Knew roles… based on…Read more Choices.Changes : Emotions.Pauses

Being Us, Alchemy… Emotions embrace Love!

This is as ready as the heart can be to step into the NOW. Emotion embraces Love. Faith embraces Thought. They know that it is in the blessed interest of the Heart to see them as One! The Alchemy of the Feminine Twins communion with the Masculine Twins. Opening the heart to Embrace emotions with…Read more Being Us, Alchemy… Emotions embrace Love!