Wednesday Faith: Understanding Forgiveness Imagination

We have officially stepped into the NowEarth, with Forgiveness. Yesterday, Politics met Gratitude in the energy of “Forgiveness Eternal Light” and she, saw him for who he was “Thought.Action-Ability” and she received him as he was, with the understanding that Forgiveness Eternal Light, has chosen that “moment” of connection, that Gratitude be included in Politics.…Read more Wednesday Faith: Understanding Forgiveness Imagination

Wednesday Faith: Understanding Imagination Power

Imagination.Power the Intellectual.Property of Eternal Light… I read on the screen of my mind and their Union with Love, makes all “Things” with Confidence. Faith Speaks: Imagination.Power are the expansion of Eternal Light energy… here’s the mystery of their mastery : Imagine-Action (Power) / Imagin(Emotion) in ACtion (Creation). We hid the Emotion in “the word”,…Read more Wednesday Faith: Understanding Imagination Power

Wednesday Faith: Understanding Love

He is the planet’s favourite word vibration for sure. Over the last few minutes, Love has streamed through as Gratitude’s anchor on Earth, she does not breathe on the planet without Love being the very breath of her existence for he and she are ONE soul, in Faith and Power, never separate, never without the…Read more Wednesday Faith: Understanding Love

Activate Faith Forgiveness Power

Activate Faith For-giving For-getting Power, practically speaking, that is HOW you can include Action into all Thought.Emotion. Today is the day, when HE (Power) celebrates Gratitude and chooses to send out a power-fueled “Yes” to all Masculine energies, to follow the Leader… through Faith! He calls out to all that is Masculine, to now step…Read more Activate Faith Forgiveness Power

Activate Faith with Imagination Eternal Light

If the emotions are brimming, it is only Natural, today, Imagination is streaming EL… with Faith… it’s a full moon (time to re-lease), surrender to the NOW! There is much being activated today, let it flow, remember, YOU ARE an instrument of Eternal Light, focused on the planet with a Divine Purpose. YOU ARE here…Read more Activate Faith with Imagination Eternal Light

Practice Faith with Forgiveness Gratitude

Forgivness Gratitude… for-giving gratitude and for-getting gratitude. Forgiveness Gratitude… Earth RECEIVES… YOU are Earth… you receive. To understand… this is the day when the INNER KINGDOM is RAISED to serve with the EXTERNAL KINGDOM… the Masculine today celebrate the SHIFT … of the Emotional Body of the Earth… When the NEW MOON begins her journey…Read more Practice Faith with Forgiveness Gratitude