Contradictions have begun to surface!!

G.o.D is slow to Action yet SURE to ACTION! It isn’t a surprise, that people are being caught out for the contradict.action stances taken over a period of the last 3 years… 8, 9, 1 … in the 8 year (2015 –2017) have been years where there was PRESENCE, CHOICE, now the year of SHE……Read more Contradictions have begun to surface!!


Go for the Knew, the New being sold to you is but an illusion ;)

There are some thoughts you always feel and these are thoughts you trust, emotions you trust, actions you trust. These are simply your Knew.Memories! Over, the years, the external sounds of the planet, have caused you to forget them or often bypass them for the ones that are louder and most often come from outside…Read more Go for the Knew, the New being sold to you is but an illusion 😉

T.i.Me to call forth the Magic of Faith and Gratitude says the heart of Eternal Love. It is time to heal into the Magic of the Union of Faith and Gratitude. Today, make a choice to allow your Faith and Gratitude, to heal any PERMISSIONS you have for-given, since you were but a heartbeat in your Mother’s WOMB. You made these choices, so that…Read more T.i.Me to call forth the Magic of Faith and Gratitude

Change the Narrative…

the word Narrative, caught my fancy a week back… Felt like home. It is about the story being told … it felt life was telling me something… each time I used the word Narrative, something felt closer. Then the word that has been speaking to and through me for most of today “Confidence”… like there…Read more Change the Narrative…

When Faith be.comes WOMB of Gratitude

There is a global Heart.Shift occurring, the LightWorkers (the word was born a little over 40 years ago), they are here to assist the Heart Awakening and all the symptoms, to lay the foundation for Gratitude to be.come the “choice of light” in the “Presence of Darkness”. The lightworkers have been working with all hearts…Read more When Faith be.comes WOMB of Gratitude

Eternal Faith Womb

Just Faith is human… Eternal Faith is the Emotion of Creation! the 8th day of Expansions and Experiences and this is pure “awe”. As I write this to you… my heart is filled with Eternal Love… Faith, has long been the “Be-Cause” of division of heart here on Earth. Look around you and see the…Read more Eternal Faith Womb

So month of Practical Spirituality… Begins

The clear message is to Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace your Heart.Body.Mind.Soul. For those of you who have had a spiritual journey through the last 10 months, this is the “month of SEE.It.Is”… all the wonderful choices of faith you’ve made are now, ready to be birthed. A time of RECEIVING, that which you have SOWED and Eternal has…Read more So month of Practical Spirituality… Begins