Discovering the word "My" ... begins the journey of discovering YOU. Such a beautiful sense of Union. My Heart, My Home... just prefixing "My"... makes both of us feel sooo wonderful. I also notice a silly happy grin on my face. Tuesday Power 8th Presence... Power OF Presence... OF "MY". Its like there are lists…Read more “My”


July Energy Report: Communication with Love

Re:Vision: TiMe


July Energy

This is the month of Love and so we’re naturally going to be-come more aware of both the presence of Love and Absence of Love.

Love takes place as the Masculine Energy of the Heart Chakra with Forgiveness and shines Eternal Light Thought your Heart upon the Earth. Yes, you, you who are reading this, this month the Love is… briging the COMMUNICATION between Thoughts and Things and Things and Thoughts, which is quite exciting, to my mind. Since July began last night, I have RECEIVED a VISION which I BELIEVE… and the picture I have used (God Bless the artist, since I do not know the source, if you do, please help me connect to the person so I can express Gratitude for Him/her in written communication, which I have already ASKED in Thought.Emotion.Action.

Love , the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression, (Expression comes from the come-union of Love/Thought with Faith/Emotion)Reading more into…

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Forgiveness.Action Be-Comes Pause

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness, Inhale:Action Exhale: Be-Comes Breathe.Out: Gratitude Monday Forgiveness, is the Rebirth, the birthday Date of Gratitude, 2+4=6 or Forgiveness.Power Be-Comes Gratitude, Now Forgiveness.Action Be-Comes Pause, or For-giving For-getting Action Be (Pause) Comes (Action) Gratitude (Pause). This is the journey of Gratitude of Pause Kingdom and Faith of Internal Kingdom into Forgiveness.Wisdom of…Read more Forgiveness.Action Be-Comes Pause