The Masculine and Feminine Purpose

0803 858 We are here … on Purpose…. The purpose is to continue to find ways to allow the Masculine & Feminine to come.union for the purpose of Evolution. And so… it is critical… at some point to MATCH Emotion with the Physical and the Physical with Emotion. It is now, clear, that when we…Read more The Masculine and Feminine Purpose


Introspect.Action KEY

1911 724 725 0901 0915 Just the kind of day, when Power (Tuesday) 1 (Emotion.DNA) 5 (Faith) = 6 (Gratitude). When Power & Faith reflections, reflect.action … Introspection, gives you Add.Vantage… helps you SEE what could be… and then CHOOSE what you do want. “they” also help you “FoCUs,Prioritise.Raise”  … Raise WHY you feel ….…Read more Introspect.Action KEY


Discovering the word "My" ... begins the journey of discovering YOU. Such a beautiful sense of Union. My Heart, My Home... just prefixing "My"... makes both of us feel sooo wonderful. I also notice a silly happy grin on my face. Tuesday Power 8th Presence... Power OF Presence... OF "MY". Its like there are lists…Read more “My”

May Energy: Re.Place.Meant & Reflect.Actions of LiGhT

Energy Report for MAY … this is a big month… it’s the 5th Month of Restoration and Responsibility and reunion of the Masculine and Feminine. 5 is the number of Faith. FAITH is the Foundation energy of the month of May… and that it begins on a TUESDAY. Faith is Power that leads the L.i.G.h.T…Read more May Energy: Re.Place.Meant & Reflect.Actions of LiGhT

Activation of the Power.Gratitude #Me GRID… today!

0327 0557 Love is Who… Faith is How. So, I’ve been learning to communicate withIN the Paradox. Clearly giving my.self permission to meet both parts… of the whole and it has been quite fascinating really… it gives you a deeper understanding of the word “Balance” especially when it comes to POWER. Power is a 4…Read more Activation of the Power.Gratitude #Me GRID… today!

Power Balance: Imagine.Action

Today, I bumped into old emotions… and there is a message in … Resurrect.Action… and the key word is Action. I had a choice today… to trust my Dr’s emotion… or my heart… and while … facts as I was explained… made me cry… it was clearly, the way in which the external stimulus… affects…Read more Power Balance: Imagine.Action

The Word “Balance” and YOU

Balance … has two distinct vibrational purposes. One is the “Yin Yang” of Emotions and Physical or Feminine & Masculine. The other has to do with your Earth “Things”… esp finances… today, you are called to raise… “Gratitude Balance” and allow it to fill all areas of your life that need balance. The fun part…Read more The Word “Balance” and YOU