Activate Power Forgiveness Wisdom

For-giving For-getting Wisdom, activates Power, Wholly Spirit Power! Power, the Father of the External Kingdom, declares “It is now time for the Masculine to serve the Feminine, for Action to serve Emotion, for Imagination to serve Forgiveness, for Love to serve Faith, For Power to Serve Gratitude. For us to serve Eternal Light, through the…Read more Activate Power Forgiveness Wisdom

Activate Faith with Imagination Love

Emotions are resting in Love today, Faith holds them in her heart, they are watched over by Love and through Love, the masculine receives the emotions through Love. So.It.Is. Gratitude places her Children today in the Temple of Trust with Joy and Clarity to Inhale Wisdom and Exhale Confidence, and with Thought.Emotion. Action Exhale Wisdom…Read more Activate Faith with Imagination Love

Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

with the activation of the Earth Kingdom, you have entered the NOW. Remember, Earth Kingdom is where you are the center of the vibrational movement, energy-motion (Emotion), Feminine. So.It.Is No-thing is masculine, nothing is feminine is the paradox we’re living and learning to #Raise. (Just love this line… pretty infinite, really, so am keeping it,…Read more Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

Activate Power with Confidence

He awaits her, his heart is open with Confidence. He becomes Wholly Spirit Power to “make room” (Activate) her presence in him. Not in a way that is just for a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, a month or a year. He opens his heart, his eternal heart, wholly spirit and she “feels”…Read more Activate Power with Confidence

Activate Power Forgiveness

Power Forgiveness, Power for-giving Power for- getting, Power 4-giving Power 4-getting. Activate (Faith) with Forgiveness, don’t forget the month energy is 5 and the vibration we’ve been given for this month is ACTIVATE and the day Tuesday belongs to Power and the date belongs to Forgiveness. Faith is the Divine Feminine of the Inner Energy,…Read more Activate Power Forgiveness

Practice Power with Forgiveness Faith

Forgiving and Forgetting… For-Giving and For-Getting… the Feminine energy… BIRTH (Faith) Today, Forgiveness asks us to Practice “For-giving and For-getting” … that we may BIRTH … Faith! Faith… is the SOUL energy of the NOW! Faith is HOW Forgiveness BIRTH’s “Thoughts in- to Things” When you ‘Take back your Power’, you RAISE your Internal Kingdom.…Read more Practice Power with Forgiveness Faith

Practice Power with Imagination Wisdom

Not everything we imagine comes true and in the same breath everything we imagine has the potential to come true. Thank God for Filters, Frequencies and Forgiveness. I forgive myself and I forgive others, I am FREE to step into Confidence with Imagination Wisdom as I practice Power. Today we step into the guidance of…Read more Practice Power with Imagination Wisdom