Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Our Emotions, when in LOVE are the most beautiful gift we for-give ourselves and others. Today Emotions are at their happiest in the Internal Kingdom, healed in Faith and now presented to LOVE and BE-LOVE … we are called to Love Emotion with Imagination, that’s Wisdom! When Wisdom receives healed Emotions, Confidence is at HIS…Read more Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Activate Love with Imagination Confidence

Activate Love: Thought: Brain-Mind faculty into understanding and learning all it needs to know about Emotion/Feminine Action/Masculine.   “You don’t need to be miserable,” says Love “ Yes, I agree, that you have been trained to “feel” miserable, to attract attention of others. Misery, Tragedy, Pain… is how the Feminine has been treated and so,…Read more Activate Love with Imagination Confidence

Activate Love with Power

You now know that Love is Thought and Action is Power. You also know that Thought:Love:Brain-Mind is the activation of the first 9 days of this month and with the Full Moon on the 10th, Activate moves from Eternal Kingdom to Internal Kingdom when Imagination activates Emotion:Faith:Money-Wealth and the month finale when Forgiveness activates Action:Power:Politics:Gratitude:in…Read more Activate Love with Power

Practice Love, Forgiveness Love

Practice Love Forgiveness Love… today is the 27th day of Practice. 2+7 = 9 (Completion/Confidence), the time to practice now concludes… with LOVE… Practice LOVE… Forgiveness Love. Not just any LOVE… Forgiveness Love… Forgiving Forgetting For-giving For-getting kinda Love. Thought is NOW Activated Love : Emotion/Energy in Motion is NOW Activated Faith: Action is NOW…Read more Practice Love, Forgiveness Love

Practice Love with Forgiveness Eternal Light

with the Feminine energies… the focus shifts to Exhale… How beautiful, when we inhale, masculine energy activates, when we breathe out feminine energy activates. Forgiveness is Divine Feminine,  Mother Creator, the womb of all creation. She is energised by Eternal Light (EL) to begin the 9 days of exhale or breathing out. This is the…Read more Practice Love with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Practice Love with Imagination Embrace

Finally, the energies are back up… the Feminine… feels Love today. Her imagination… the deep recess created by her being filled with Lunar wisdom, has opened her up… yesterday wasn’t easy on the emotion. Suffering, I have been given to understand, is the HOW, the feminine energies are hurt/wounded. Each time, we treat each other…Read more Practice Love with Imagination Embrace