The LiGhT way of LiFe

I am so grateful for the #Fact that I am here now… Alive… and Willing to leap in Faith. There is so much happening that we have no physical clue about… yet, I can tell that there is a rapid “expansion” that is occurring because of every “Prayer” that has ever been prayed. I can…Read more The LiGhT way of LiFe


Reflect.Action . Relax.Action . Reflex.Action

I love, when words introduce themselves… and ask #Me to use them, the way they were meant to be UsEd. I am given to understand, that as we begin to include these expansions in our understanding of words, we will experience new realities they are here to represent. There are changes, subtle for now, growing…Read more Reflect.Action . Relax.Action . Reflex.Action

T.i.Me :

0657 0746 0754/55/56 T.(eye).Me … when words choose to be written this way… YOU know that its time to read between the word. “And the WORD be came flesh and dwelt amongst “Us” Words speak life into a Thought and it is the Thought spoken that be comes Physical Reality. LiFe Love.Increases.Faith.Experiences. Words were meant…Read more T.i.Me :

We.All.Come.Back re.introducing Michael.Gabriel.Raphael in.Union.with Love!

Today in Love with Love in.UNION.with LiGhT … it is time to welcome Archangels Michael.Gabriel.Raphael … back in .Action! The mention of their name makes my heart smile… each of them … now in communion with creation! They are here now to “complete” the process of Alchemy of Religion and inspire.action and consolidate.action and inspire.action…Read more We.All.Come.Back re.introducing Michael.Gabriel.Raphael in.Union.with Love!

Activating Fav.Our with Love & Gratitude!

26th day of the month of Resurrect.Action YOU… Today is a gift you’re going to cherish 4.Ever really! Day: Thursday : Love Date: 26 Physical.Destiny Gratitude is Presence You can count on #Me like 123 … Love activates FAV.OUR! You can now, confidently wear the crown of favour over your Personal & Professional life. So.It.Is…Read more Activating Fav.Our with Love & Gratitude!

Love Emotion.DNA OF Choice

0300 0627 333 344 In the Resurrect.Action YOU story this month… today we CONSOLIDATE.ACTION of the Emotion.DNA of the Month… as we flow with Faith.Emotion.DNA.Presence OF CHOICE. Today we meet and consolidate all OF Choice in LOVE. Nothing is permanent… especially not Status Quo… every.thing is changing with each BREATH. Remember, we spoke last week…Read more Love Emotion.DNA OF Choice

The Resurrect.Action of #ME

1= Emotion.DNA/Feminine/She.Gratitude 2=Physical.Destiny/Masculine/He.Power 3= #ME/Us/Faith.Us #Me begins a Knew journey in Love today… Gratitude… introduced 4.Given.Us on Monday…. Power .Balances .Imagine.Action on Tuesday. Wednesday all about Faith mirrors Wise.Dominion and today… Love embraces all into #Me. I strongly believe, today’s with Love & Gratitude is going to open the PORTAL of POTENTIAL and PURPOSE……Read more The Resurrect.Action of #ME