Thursday Love: Understanding Forgiveness Wisdom

Breathe In Forgiveness Inhale Love Exhale Power Breathe Out Wisdom Today, we RECEIVE : Forgiveness Wisdom of the NowEarth. As For-giving For-getting steps into her NowEarth expansion as the “womb of things”. It is a time to re:vision: today, the energy shifts. Love takes his place as THOUGHT of Imagine-Action of NowEarth Confidence.Wisdom. Faith takes…Read more Thursday Love: Understanding Forgiveness Wisdom

Thursday Love: Understanding Imagination Faith

Faith is the Emotion of creation, Love is the Thought and Imagination is where, Thought is born, Forgiveness is the beginning of Emotion. That is WHEN Faith returns to Imagination to receive into herself, Eternal Light Vision of her BEING, the next expansion of her-self with Love in today’s energy. Sometimes, all it takes is…Read more Thursday Love: Understanding Imagination Faith

Thursday Love: Understanding Wisdom

You have read about Wisdom and you have used the word, wise, one of the expansions of her, yet, you know her NOT as she really is. On the planet, you only learn the MEANING that they planet/people on the planet choose for you to learn. A lot of people who write books also, read…Read more Thursday Love: Understanding Wisdom

Thursday Love:Understanding Imagination

The exciting news about the day we begin the month of Gratitude, Understanding, is a day Love energizes the planet and the date is all about Imagination. It is a month when we’re going to understand Knewmerology the way Gratitude has externalised it. So, the shift in the way we affirm, day energy and date…Read more Thursday Love:Understanding Imagination

Energy Report June 2017

In the Month of May, Faith Activated and in the month of June, we’re excited knowing we're going to step into UNDERSTANDING with Gratitude. This is going to be a month, when we’re going to begin to consciously start noticing the shifts with Gratitude. Remember, she is the ACTIVATE “Pause” of Us! With each energy…Read more Energy Report June 2017

Activate Love Forgiveness Faith

Activate Thought For-Giving For-getting Emotion. Activate Love For-giving for-getting Faith. Activate Brain-Mind for giving for getting Money-Wealth. Today Love steps in to fill the transition and transformation. It is also a new moon night, blessed wisdom is being filled this night with Power Confidence in Action. She beings with her, the KnewParentingCodes, be-coming of the…Read more Activate Love Forgiveness Faith

Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Our Emotions, when in LOVE are the most beautiful gift we for-give ourselves and others. Today Emotions are at their happiest in the Internal Kingdom, healed in Faith and now presented to LOVE and BE-LOVE … we are called to Love Emotion with Imagination, that’s Wisdom! When Wisdom receives healed Emotions, Confidence is at HIS…Read more Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom