“You are GIFTED to See, Open your I’s”

He never ceases to amaze my heart. Love is asking us, each of us, to “open our I’s.” H.e speaks from his Eternal Authority, when he first made his presence felt on the planet, H.E was born a man, lived amongst us, that HE may experience the every Thought.Emotion.Action that drive the Human Race to…Read more “You are GIFTED to See, Open your I’s”


Ask: “What do I need to KNOW about this day?”

You can choose to listen to others and follow them… or you can choose to listen to them and then pause long enough to follow your heart! I notice, that, there is a need to ask the write questions… when journaling. I discovered a plethora of support being written unto me, snippets of information, that…Read more Ask: “What do I need to KNOW about this day?”

Us Eternal of Expansions and Experiences

What a month November has been, Unions, expansions and experiences! As we look back at the month that’s been… A lot of Belief’s have been challenged, everyone is looking for a new meaning to old issues that keep coming up… Be.Leaf or Be like a leave, feel free to change colour … dry up fall…Read more Us Eternal of Expansions and Experiences

How to Release your Fears

Fear is born of too much knowledge or too little. Knowledge is the foundation of Fear. Think about it… your fear is born of repercussions not from taking action. You have to first begin to understand the CONCEPT of fear, understand, that most people or thoughts that instill fear are planted with the purpose, a…Read more How to Release your Fears

Money has changed his game plan…

… Love embraced the Money as an expansion of faith. This secret, the ancients knew, that money is a the expansion of faith, the masculine of her womb, given to the Earth as a SIGN of Transaction or Transfer.Action between two THINGS, The purpose, money was birthed to BE, has since been quite literally raped…Read more Money has changed his game plan…

Expansions are “Opportunities” in Disguise!

The Second day of the month, its all about Heart.Expression of Eternal Gratitude and Power Gratitude. Thoughts become Tangible. Love is the KEY to MANIFEST all THINGS of Eternal Gratitude beginnings. Opportunity: Op.Port.Unity… and option to port your Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion Unity or Come-Union with the WORD and the thought expansions of it. Every WORD is GoD…Read more Expansions are “Opportunities” in Disguise!