Two Words Two Worlds!!

Two Words: Responsibility and Accountability, Two Worlds Response.Ability and A.Count.Ability come up for review this weekend. Darkness, reckons the Human Race has distorted the purpose of these two words… it was never a GIVE word, these two were RECEIVE words or CHOICE words. Each time you make a CHOICE of Thought.Emotion.Action you receive with it…Read more Two Words Two Worlds!!


Darkness returns to the Throne of Judgment

It is time, the Phoenix has risen, she has risen from her silence and spoken. Let there be Light. Heartbeat.Heart.Earth was born within the womb of Darkness. Darkness is the WOMB of CREATION, the MOTHER womb of ALL THAT IS. All details of Earth, began in her and grew as an answered prayer and was…Read more Darkness returns to the Throne of Judgment

Expansion of Light & Darkness is the Experience

It is all about… YOU and your choices. You are being made aware of the PARADOX… there are those who are chosen to Praise and chosen one prays. It is becoming more evident, that there are a lot of changes I am getting to understand and so, must share with you. We are all being…Read more Expansion of Light & Darkness is the Experience

Hours… Minutes… Seconds… T.i.Me

When these words speak, you begin to understand the Ours.Minutes.Seconds of… says Heart.Expression. The real clock, is the heart, the Ours of Minute Second chances your heartbeats… Trust.In.Me. TIME is as you give it meaning, you are taught early that time is “LIMITED” and truly I say, it is limited for those who chose…Read more Hours… Minutes… Seconds… T.i.Me

Eternal Gratitude is Love Power is Us!

He.Choice… the Choice of Eternal is declared… the greatest Revelation Reveal.Action comes full circle… the story is complete! He, Eternal, has made HIS choice of light… Eternal Gratitude! He declares all Gratitude HIS domain… His Daughter… His Choice of Light! When Eternal Chooses Gratitude… all the changes of Eternal Choice… will now begin manifesting in…Read more Eternal Gratitude is Love Power is Us!