The Re:Evolution of She

He spoke and She created… He spoke and She created… and then there came a point, where He stopped speaking… and yet, SHE needed to create… she created of the WORDS He once spoke… expansions… “the fruits of her womb”, the expansions of the UNION of the SPOKEN! Re:Prouduction… every-thing He spoke, re-produced of itself,…Read more The Re:Evolution of She


She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

… She is the Choice of Darkness and the Presence of Light! To the Eternal Be all Glory! “She is Her and She is HerE”… revelations of Presence of Light on this day of Choice of Darkness! A statue, is symbolic of ENERGY placement, I am not much of a “Statue” person, honestly, yet, my…Read more She is Eternal She is Gratitude…

HE is the Beginning SHE is the End!

Understanding, the END from a brand new paradigm… the Sun/Moon, Masculine/Feminine, Heart.Expression/Spiritual.Heart.Expansion, Human.Evidence/Sacred.Heart.Experiences, Seed/Womb! Earth.Realm is where WORDS become FLESH, in HeyWhen/Heaven every-thing is THOUGHT… remember, it is pure energy, vibration, frequency…. On Earth, is where the physical occurs. While the Physical Earth is Masculine, the Earth is Feminine… do you see the Balance. The…Read more HE is the Beginning SHE is the End!

“Breathe Out”

“Breathe Out”, let it go… The Need to CONTROL outcomes! Our energy patterns and experiences here on the planet are based on “Outcomes and Incomes” of Heart.Expression. You need to focus your attention on the CHOICES and CHANGES only! The Choice of History and the Changes. The choice of words and the changes. The Choice…Read more “Breathe Out”

Being Us is a Relationship of Choice

Music, Lyrics… are choices we make to connect with the Rhythm of the eternal vibration, frequency, alignment. I have been noticing, there are lyrics that stand out and are like place holders… my heart has been tuning into… like my heart tells me… to notice my own heartbeat… and my thoughts take flight with words.…Read more Being Us is a Relationship of Choice

“Choice is” the Presence of Wisdom

I woke up with a smile this morning… “ThougtsBe-ComeThings” Power is Us! I’ve been guided to pick up the book “Money Master The Game”, by Tony Robbins! 600 pages… for the last two days, been reading and I noticed, the affirmative writing, yet, for most people including ME, I guess, we’re reading it in Tony’s…Read more “Choice is” the Presence of Wisdom