About Sons and Daughters… The Physical!

… you must know, that Eternal and Darkness, know them as Suns and Dot.ERs… they know them not as you DO, because, well you are HUMAN remember and so, the names you know them by, have been handed over to your PRESENT knowing by the LIVED! They who lived, labeled and the labels became the…Read more About Sons and Daughters… The Physical!


Heart says… Love is the Change and you are the Choice!

Love has chosen to change how you experience life… and love has chosen you to be HIS PERSON! Expect miracles focus on Love. Thoughts you LOVE are waiting to Become things that you Love. You just need to do your part… focus on Love, with all the Power of your WILL… and it WILL COME…Read more Heart says… Love is the Change and you are the Choice!

i. believe. in. God. Our Father. Almighty!

Once sentence… Another Perspective! I: The heart within the body Believe: External, Masculine, Logic, Physical, Choice In: Internal, Feminine, Emotion, Non-Physical, Presence God: Gift.Of.Darkness (remember, you close your eyes and pray, meditate, imagine) Womb, Feminine, Internal Presence, Non Physical Being, Emotion, Presence Our FATHER: How do you speak or define eternal… in words, Above All…Read more i. believe. in. God. Our Father. Almighty!

Make ME, a channel of, your Piece!

I once only read this as “make me a channel of your peace” and this phenomenal Heart.Expression is mostly associated with St.Mother.Teresa of Calcutta, for most of us, now on Earth… and the biblical references well… are many… 2 Samuel 14:25; 1 Corinthians 14:9; 2 Peter 3:16; 2 Corinthians 12:15; Psalm 108:1; 1 Corinthians 9:22;…Read more Make ME, a channel of, your Piece!

H.E embraces S.H.E

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Heart.Expression Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Spirtual.Heart.Expansion BreatheOut: Being Us Above all else, today, the Heart embraces Heartbeat and creation begins again! Who knows what tomorrow brings? Today, let US celebrate “Being Us”, let your heart be the focal point of all your attention, for today, your heart, feels again, feels Eternal Love, Eternal…Read more H.E embraces S.H.E

Prayer Saturday: Focus on your SELF!

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In Prayer Inhale: Prayer Exhale: Prayer BreatheOut: Prayer We are at a threshold of change, the days of darkness are upon us! Here’s the brilliant news, Darkness is Feminine and we are called to welcome her, embrace her, know her, experience her and allow her to alchemy our hearts and heal the…Read more Prayer Saturday: Focus on your SELF!

Raising Self-Confidence Day 1

Self come-union-in-ACTION Confidence is the underlying vibrational story of self.confidence. So, I decided to indulge and meet self.confidence, where my guidance signals its presence, my heart. In an open, conscious conversation, my heart tells me, that my self.confidence, has nothing to with the THINGS on my list or the To Do’s I have yet to…Read more Raising Self-Confidence Day 1