Break it Down to Build it Up!

That is the true meaning of revelations reveal.actions, it is a month where the process comes unstuck and stares you in the face! Every –ONE (Feminine Energy of SHE) reveals her-SELF and the Presence of Light (Masculine)/Action is revealed! Breathe… Union… Power.Gratitude and the FRUITS of US into the GAME… it is time to allow…Read more Break it Down to Build it Up!


Power embraces Ego into Love!

So, the whole day, has been a pandoras box of emotion. The Ego is the Fruit of Pause in Union with Power! Revelations of Masculine and Feminine returning into their “SELF” is the reason of the emotional chaos on Earth. You need to understand, that as part of the transition, the Masculine and Feminine energies…Read more Power embraces Ego into Love!

Prayer is… Thinking in Silence!

The feelings you are releasing today are being forgiven! The Moon energies are drawing out all that is NOT.KNOT.NAUGHT going to be part of your HerStory! Prayer is a time for SILENCE… breathing, being WITH your-SELF of Eternal Beginnings… Allowing the FORCE to BE with you! Today, speak to G-D from your Heart… Present your…Read more Prayer is… Thinking in Silence!

From Being Us to BeComing Us! Revelations

From Eternal Presence Being Us Choice to Eternal Presence Eternal Power! HerE is a new energy a now energy and HERE is where you ARE! Her.Energy is WHO you are… and HOW you are going to transition through the Choices.Changes and Changes of Choice! Remember, YOU are calling forth the “Sow” or Spirit.Of.Wisdom, to be…Read more From Being Us to BeComing Us! Revelations

Pray for your Ego and the Collective Ego of the Planet!

Your EGO is the part of you that keeps the “Label” data… every tiny word, spoken unto you, from the Heart.Heartbeat time in the Womb to this moment… Your Ego, holds all of the promises made and not kept… the ones that you make and more of the ones made unto you. Today, pray for…Read more Pray for your Ego and the Collective Ego of the Planet!

Energies swing the other way…

Finally, making peace with the choices.changes, most of what is happening today, personally, is part of my answered prayers… prayers, I have prayed over years, now suddenly coming true… it is scary… the first part that is coming through… clearly… are the endings! My heart feels empty… very empty… very very empty… and yet, there…Read more Energies swing the other way…

Choices are Prayers : Prayers are Choices

Eternal Presence -Being Us Gratitude-Choice! Began this piece today, many times over… as my choices turn up and tell me exactly, what I chose and how they’ve turned out. Not an easy review… I can tell you! Yet, one of the most power-filled transitions that continue to impact my heart. Today is the 9th day…Read more Choices are Prayers : Prayers are Choices