Imagination.Gratitude Be-Comes Love

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Imagination Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Love Sunday Power is Us, Choice, Emotion-Action, when the Twin Flames introduce their SoulMates and they be-come the Us.Energy expansion into the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution of Self.Confidence. On Gratitude is Us Friday, the knewmerology 1+4=5 or Imagination.Power Is Faith, expanded the Presence … with the inclusion…Read more Imagination.Gratitude Be-Comes Love

How to BEGIN your TWIN FLAME union… “Presence”

Love & Gratitude Be-Come Presence of TwinFlame awareness within All THINGS of Earth. So.It.Is I am still trying to get into sync with how phenomenal this energy union is going to impact the planet we live on, when every being of Eternal Light re:turn HOME to Eternal Light. and this does not mean “death”, it…Read more How to BEGIN your TWIN FLAME union… “Presence”

Forgiveness come-union-in-action Us.Energy

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn-Forgiveness (for-giving for-getting) Inhale: Womb of Thoughts (About the transaction) Exhale: Womb of Things (Expectations) BreatheOut: Us.Energy (Your alignment with the thing) Energy of the Day: Today is Monday : Forgiveness Date: 3 Us.Energy Month: Communication (Masculine) Come-Union-In-Action (Feminine) of the year of KnewEndings. The 3 quarter of the year which is watched…Read more Forgiveness come-union-in-action Us.Energy

Energy Update 29|6|2017

  Love takes HIS place as the COMMUNICATION between Kingdoms Gratitude come-union with FORGIVENESS, restores the External Kingdom of "Pause" for the healing of "Womb of THINGS" before they re:enter the Now.Earth Imagine-Action.Confidence with For-giving For-getting Wisdom Forgiveness come-union with Action be-comes the TransAction For-giving For-getting Action on Earth The Divine Feminine has taken her…Read more Energy Update 29|6|2017

Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Most of the disease on the planet or the dis-ease of the planet is rooted in the imbalance of the Womb energies of THINGS birthed on the planet. The stories begin in the womb and over the years of Masculine Dominion, external inventions have been introduced to the THINGS to fill the gap between “womb…Read more Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Forgiveness Us

Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: “Womb of Thought” exhale: “Womb of Things” Breathe Out: Us  With the New Moon aligning Emotion today on Earth. The NowEarth is beginning to be –come a reality. Forgiveness is making her presence felt in the External Kingdom of Gratitude, through our Imagine-Action.Confidence in Gratitude is Us today, she is Breathing…Read more Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Forgiveness Us

Saturday Prayer: Understanding Us

The focus of the month for Gratitude is to come into HARMONY, Union with the Earth Kindgom, her perspectives will open your heart to why she chooses the Us, of the Month to BE “Earth Kindgom”.   Eternal Light Eternal Kingdom of Imagination Forgiveness Eternal Love Internal Kingdom of Love Faith Eternal Faith External Kingdom…Read more Saturday Prayer: Understanding Us