Physical.Destiny of Perspectives and Perceptions

It is clearer as we shift from Emotion.DNA of this month to the Physical.Destiny or the Perceptions we’ve held on to for too long… are going to be re.structured… for the purpose of making space for THY Presence energies to be.come the natural choice. This is a clear indication that Love is and…Read more Physical.Destiny of Perspectives and Perceptions


Word Muscle… is the secret… Gratitude is her!

You have the opportunity today to exercise word.muscles and be.come every.thing you were meant to be… it is time to raise the praise! God is the way. He doesn’t try to open a door; He is the door. He doesn’t check the odds to see if you can reach your destiny. He speaks and it…Read more Word Muscle… is the secret… Gratitude is her!

March Energy Perspective & Perception

hello to the month of Perspective & Perception, that begins in Love (Thursday, 1st, which is Emotion) and ends in Prayer (Saturday, 31st, which is also Us+Emotion is Power). We take forward the DNA Soul Power of February Emotion (She.Gratitude) Physical (He.Power) the number 1 and 2 for this month! Emotions are Perspective and Physical…Read more March Energy Perspective & Perception

You by my side… “Emotions” … Is “How” I see Us!

Emotions are every.where! today as we close the month of February … the month of Physical.Emotions dna Soul.Power it is time to Pay Attention to the many emotions we are. Focus your attention on your EMOTIONS, its not about being RIGHT its about Emotions… every one transacts using emotion. Emotions are like stars just that…Read more You by my side… “Emotions” … Is “How” I see Us!

As Emotions return to the womb today… Choices are PLAYinG out!

Energy movements are beginning to show up as Physical.Emotions are amplified and accelerated … OLD PATTERNS /Emotions are in full flow… as New Patterns of thought.emotion.action begin to “Dna Soul Power” … This is epic I had a vision as I prayed today… Power.Masculine… Power is the 4th Dimension… Soul Power experience… Logic.ALL, Practice.All…Read more As Emotions return to the womb today… Choices are PLAYinG out!

PowerMasculine.Gratitude Presence

This day for so many reasons is the “quintessential” Pause before Power … or the eve before the BIG DAY is upon you. Stars wish upon you… The pillar of Light embraces you so fully, you have no.thing to lose and every.thing a.gain! Yesterday “Love.Choice” today “Presence.Gratitude” tomorrow “Choice.Power” and YOU close the month with…Read more PowerMasculine.Gratitude Presence

The Earth Kingdom… Choice

Why your SOUL chooses Earth? You choose Earth to SEE  emotions in the Physical, with the Physical and through the Physical and as Physical. This activates the “Pillar of Light” Today is the resurrect.action of the Pillar of Light that represents Eternal Presence inclusive of ALL ( embracing emotions of both Masculine dna Feminine beginnings.…Read more The Earth Kingdom… Choice