Saturday Prayer: Understanding Forgiveness Power

Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale:Womb of Thought Exhale: Womb of Things Breathe Out Power Have you trusted the Divine with something you’re struggling with in your life? Have you prayed and not received? Have you asked and it hasn’t been given? Are there days when you, have turned to heaven and issued an ultimatum? Have you…Read more Saturday Prayer: Understanding Forgiveness Power

Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Forgiveness Us

Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: “Womb of Thought” exhale: “Womb of Things” Breathe Out: Us  With the New Moon aligning Emotion today on Earth. The NowEarth is beginning to be –come a reality. Forgiveness is making her presence felt in the External Kingdom of Gratitude, through our Imagine-Action.Confidence in Gratitude is Us today, she is Breathing…Read more Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Forgiveness Us

Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Today is the big day for “Action”, in the finale of the month of Activate. Today, Action/Power introduces the WAY Masculine Energy has shifted from the Passed.Pause.Now opening the Portal of PAUSE into the KnewEarth Activation we’re going to experience with Gratitude for the month of June, which is also the 6th month of the…Read more Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Love

Now… that is Confidence… in Divine Now! So, when I posted… Finally about Knewmerology yesterday, honestly, I was wondering, I have done my part, as guided and instructed… then why do I not feel the “Accept-Knowledge” vibration/energy, growing. People are reading it… and thinking… “what!!!”… “Who”… “I was obsessing with the questions I received from…Read more Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Love