Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Alchemy

Alchemy is a gift of the Internal Kingdom… Alchemy is the Divine Union of Purpose of Love and Faith. Today at so many levels of Heaven, this Alchemy is being breathed into being. The Alchemy of Trust.Joy.Clarity. The Alchemy of Thought.Emotion.Action. The Alchemy of GratitudeWisdom PowerConfidence, PowerWisdom GratitudeConfidence the External and Earth Kingdom parents. The…Read more Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Alchemy

Activate Forgiveness with Imagination Faith

Activate Forgiveness : For-giving For-getting – Imagination Faith. Keep the flow of breath focused on Inhale Wisdom Exhale Confidence in this way, you are preparing your-self for the experience of Action. You are encouraging the transformation of the Earth Kingdom with Wisdom-Confidence by acknowledging their presence. Knewmerology of today is potent Monday: Forgiveness Date: 15…Read more Activate Forgiveness with Imagination Faith

Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom

Activate For-giving and Forgetting Wisdom. Wisdom of all that THOUGHT provokes you to THINK. In all that you think, wisdom will show you what you can THANK for. Today we make room for Gratitude… The wisdom of her Presents.Presence.Present. It is time to re:evolve HOW and WHY we use our THOUGHT to create balance (Thought.Emotion.Action)…Read more Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom

Activate Forgiveness with Imagination

For-giving For-getting the first part is Feminine and the second is Masculine. When you for-give a Thought.Emotion.Action you receive a Thought.Emotion.Action. The process of Giving and Getting happens in your Imagination FIRST. This is an important part of the process of Activate. The Imagination expands the POSSIBILITIES and this depends on your level of consciousness.…Read more Activate Forgiveness with Imagination

Practice Forgiveness with Forgiveness Power

Forgive-ness, For-Giving and for-getting. Power is  for-giving and for-getting. Faith is for-giving and for-getting. Love is for-giving and for-getting. Gratitude is for-giving and for-getting. When you practice Forgiveness you are engaging in For-Giving or For-Getting. For-giving what you NEED and For-getting what you WANT. Breathing In - Breathing Out, Closed-Open, Light-Darkness, Head-Tails, Have-HaveNot, Positive-Negative… every…Read more Practice Forgiveness with Forgiveness Power

Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Love

Breathing in… Inhaling one of the most potent ways to Practice. Breathe in Forgiveness … I tried it last night… felt guided to… I realised, that we often CREATE the CIRCUMSTANCES we need to follow the guidance that comes from within. There will be people who force us to step out of their energy and…Read more Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Love

Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Eternal Light

Today we begin the second phase of the month… with Practice Forgiveness. In the practice of Knewmerology, now coming into alignment with Us on Earth, the month, clearly divided into the trinity of creation 1st-9th (Eternal Light, all numbers have a silent 0 before them), 10th-19th (Imagination or Masculine led days of energy) and 20th-29th…Read more Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Eternal Light