What are Priorities?

Prior-I-Ties… are the soul choices made and stored in your Heart.Body.Mind.Soul, this subtle energy is Feminine energy! Ever felt your HEART push for a certain action… that it feels so inspired that it does not tire you? Ever noticed there are things that you do, that drain you? Ever noticed that there is a very…Read more What are Priorities?


TWO souls ONE body truly mean…

… as part of the month of Revelations, today, the 9th day, CHOICES… that it is a Monday … Gratitude… that you are in the first month of the Finale Trimester of the Year of KnewEndings… Love… is the KEY to the un-folding or the revelations or reveal.actions. Soul is best understood as Masculine or…Read more TWO souls ONE body truly mean…

See the Human.Evidence Of Heart.Expression!

Spiritual.Heart.Expansions, Sacred.Heart.Experiences,  Darkness, Faith! Decision is Made? Direction is Given, now it is your CHOICE to flow or follow. When English be-came the language, the beginnings of any language… are the beginnings of a new expansion of expression or evidence of experience. Language is an ANCHOR to the beginnings of its origin of harnessing the…Read more See the Human.Evidence Of Heart.Expression!

Ego embraces it’s SELF!

“He gives her the break she needs to become every-thing she is meant to BE-come! In the interim, HE will take care of every-physical detail. She just needs to get used to being the BEGINNING… the beginning of another Heart.Expression of her-SELF!” You are a NEW human a NOW human… how does the Changes in…Read more Ego embraces it’s SELF!

Unification of the Masculine & Feminine… Phew!!

The paradigm shift of Thought.Action in union with Emotion.Pause is the foundation of Life Purpose (Masculine) or Why did I (Heart) choose to incarnate?  and Purpose of Life (Feminine) Who am I? She Eternal He Eternal and then there is Life Purpose and Purpose of Life, one led by the Masculine in US and the…Read more Unification of the Masculine & Feminine… Phew!!

And “Words” are made flesh and dwell amongst #Us

Raise Heart and realise… the world which you have called into your EXPERIENCE is an Expression and Expansion of the WORDS you have used ever so often… in the flesh… for real… and look at what you’ve created… does this please you… as a creator? Sometimes, the harsh reality and the most honest Heart Conversation…Read more And “Words” are made flesh and dwell amongst #Us

“I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!

Oh! The changes are happening so rapidly, each day, something new to learn to detach from… and strangely, to my human understanding, makes so much sense… that the synchronicity, makes me both nervous and happy at the same time. Its like “being the paradox”, every moment is a CHOICE, I am being called to make!…Read more “I” and “Eye” is all Heart.Expression!