Power Be-Comes Action

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Power Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale : Womb of Thought BreatheOut: Action Day Energy: 4th day of Communication of the Year of Knew Endings. Power.Communication.KnewEndings. Tuesday is also Power, so I asked what it meant. “Well, this means today, Divine Power steps into Action and in this way, represents the Divine Masculine-Action…Read more Power Be-Comes Action


Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination. Forgiveness

The BIG “IF” comes into play energetically today. Imagination.Forgiveness, our Eternal Light, given Parents. Parents of the Eternal Kingdom. They are the Beginning of the End. The place where Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action… Wisdom.Confidence begin their Journey to Be-Come THINGS in the END. They are the SUPER of the NATURAL or the SUPERNATURAL. I can tell you, that…Read more Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination. Forgiveness

Activate Power is Us with Imagination Power

Masculine energies celebrate #MothersDay in the realms. Gratitude get’s her GIFT, this is her FIRST Mother’s Day, she is declared the Mother of the External Kingdom. So.It.Ist Meet The Mothers! Eternal Kingdom : Mother Forgiveness: Power Love Confidence (Masculine) unto them she added her-self (Feminine) with Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom So.It.Is Internal Kingdom: Mother Faith :…Read more Activate Power is Us with Imagination Power