Your Gratitude receives “” of Eternal Power.Love conceivEd in Faith!

Faith, is much more than showing up at Church, bowing your head IN.front of an idol and following rituals that you are TOLD will change your L.I.F.E. Faith is the How of All Create.Action transitions from Thought 2.Thing! I need people to understand, that they need to put their ways of Faith in2 Gratitude, for…Read more Your Gratitude receives “” of Eternal Power.Love conceivEd in Faith!


Power Be-Comes Action

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Power Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale : Womb of Thought BreatheOut: Action Day Energy: 4th day of Communication of the Year of Knew Endings. Power.Communication.KnewEndings. Tuesday is also Power, so I asked what it meant. “Well, this means today, Divine Power steps into Action and in this way, represents the Divine Masculine-Action…Read more Power Be-Comes Action

Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination. Forgiveness

The BIG “IF” comes into play energetically today. Imagination.Forgiveness, our Eternal Light, given Parents. Parents of the Eternal Kingdom. They are the Beginning of the End. The place where Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action… Wisdom.Confidence begin their Journey to Be-Come THINGS in the END. They are the SUPER of the NATURAL or the SUPERNATURAL. I can tell you, that…Read more Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination. Forgiveness

Saturday Prayer: Understanding EL Imagination

Imagination is the Eternal Father of Vibration/Energy expansions of Eternal Light. Imagination is HOW Eternal Light THOUGHT (Love, Brain-Mind) be-comes “THINGS”. So.It.Is Today, we raise in Gratitude is Us, Wisdom and Confidence as the journey of HOW EL Imagination Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action be-comes THINGS. Over the next 9 days, Imagination will be working with each vibration to…Read more Saturday Prayer: Understanding EL Imagination

Activate Power “Pause” Eternal Light

Eternal Light be upon your heart, that you may receive the “Pause”. The activation of this month, the External Kingdom, the kingdom of transition between all that is Eternal and Internal, included.amplified.expanded to re-enter the Earth Kingdom. Remember, you are Energy/vibration/Frequency of Eternal Light, focused upon the Planet with a purpose. So.It.Is Whether or not…Read more Activate Power “Pause” Eternal Light

Confidence is being transformed!

She For-gives HIM! Wisdom for-gives Confidence. He is in the womb of Forgiveness today, healing the WAS and stepping into the IS with HER! Confidence is Earth Father, the masculine energy the Earth is Inhaling of and exhaling into the planet. Wisdom, receives HIM in Love and Gratitude. He has chosen to re-store himself to…Read more Confidence is being transformed!

Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence

We all all in the midst of the opportunity to be-come our Divine Purpose in the Flesh. With the huge twist of destiny all prophecies, must be buried, they are not “active truth” of the KnewEarth. It is this mystery in which we truly experience the Mastery of Eternal Light presence. All the masks have…Read more Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence