You Raise Me Up… So I can.

Such a feeling’s coming over me. There is WONDER in most everything I SEE… Moon in the SKY You are not Alone, I am HERE with you… The Phoenix There’s a kind of HUSH all over the WORLD… Praying people pray in Thought Motive: Music Action: Lyric Motivation: Song Do you feel the rhythm of…Read more You Raise Me Up… So I can.


Presence of Light.Choice of Darkness

Darkness is a safe haven, or so it is BELIEVED… Keeping IT in the DARK, we believe, we’ve “TAKEN CARE OF IT”, however, wake up call… what you sow in the darkness… eventually GROWS into LIGHT and that is the LAW of NATURE! Every-thing WILL eventually… GROW into SOME-THING Greater that its HUMBLE beginnings… The…Read more Presence of Light.Choice of Darkness

About Sons and Daughters… The Physical!

… you must know, that Eternal and Darkness, know them as Suns and Dot.ERs… they know them not as you DO, because, well you are HUMAN remember and so, the names you know them by, have been handed over to your PRESENT knowing by the LIVED! They who lived, labeled and the labels became the…Read more About Sons and Daughters… The Physical!

From Heart.Expression to Human.Evidence

Eternal Gratitude Heart.Expression Gratitude - Eternal Presence Spiritual.Heart.Expansion Choice!! You need to dream, in the midst of the chaos… not before it or after it, in the MIDST of IT! That is riding the WAVE! When things are good, you are good, when things are bad you are bad…. when things are okay and you…Read more From Heart.Expression to Human.Evidence

Choices.Changes… Swiftly!

The more you become aware of your CHOICES, the more you become aware of the changes they effect… Focus your Heart on the WORD CHOICE… and you’ll begin to SEE the Expression.Expansion.Experiences BECOME Evidence! Human.Evidence is the MANIFEST of Sacred.Heart.Experience of Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansions! The Easy way to understand this… Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansions are your…Read more Choices.Changes… Swiftly!

My Soul Magnifies the Law!

Friday Bliss… my heart, loves this day and the date energies… waking up at 0624 hrs… the first thought… Eternal Gratitude Heart.Expression Power, so yay! The Heart, is learning to TrUSt again and so, been busy, breaking down and releasing the OLD TRUST patterns, internally first, before they can Manifest externally, here on Earth. I…Read more My Soul Magnifies the Law!

Presence of Addictions!

Contrary to popular belief, says my heart, an ADDICTION is an OPPORTUNITY to understand, you need a physical symbol to announce a CONNECTION! And, the choice of addiction isn’t important, each time, you chose, something, you were replacing something else or to replace something else. any physical consumption, ANY, is an addiction, yes, even choosing…Read more Presence of Addictions!