Imagination.Love Be-Comes Wisdom

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale Love Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Wisdom Forgiveness Monday it is and she has insights for, UsE Her energy with Wisdom. Imagination.Love… Imagine-Action.Love gives you conscious awareness for heart of the Wisdom of Presence & Choice you can Trust with Joy.Clarity.Grace and yes, Confidence. Today, Forgiveness.Love reigns over all…Read more Imagination.Love Be-Comes Wisdom


Wednesday Faith: Understanding Forgiveness Imagination

We have officially stepped into the NowEarth, with Forgiveness. Yesterday, Politics met Gratitude in the energy of “Forgiveness Eternal Light” and she, saw him for who he was “Thought.Action-Ability” and she received him as he was, with the understanding that Forgiveness Eternal Light, has chosen that “moment” of connection, that Gratitude be included in Politics.…Read more Wednesday Faith: Understanding Forgiveness Imagination

Forgiveness Monday: Understanding Faith

Forgiveness is the Eternal Mother the shield of all vibrations, irrespective of Earth Labels of Religion, cast creed, her focus is the vibration you belong to and the all the vibrational support you will continue to need as you come into sync with the Now Earth in transit to the Knew Earth, where she has,…Read more Forgiveness Monday: Understanding Faith

Confidence is being transformed!

She For-gives HIM! Wisdom for-gives Confidence. He is in the womb of Forgiveness today, healing the WAS and stepping into the IS with HER! Confidence is Earth Father, the masculine energy the Earth is Inhaling of and exhaling into the planet. Wisdom, receives HIM in Love and Gratitude. He has chosen to re-store himself to…Read more Confidence is being transformed!

Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Have you ever experienced REAL TIME opportunities with Judas? You know the person who is going to betray you? You can “feel” it in the depth of your heart… and often, this person, is one you would least EXPECT to BE THE ONE. Trust.Joy.Clarity are the way forward, if we do want to make it…Read more Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Love

Now… that is Confidence… in Divine Now! So, when I posted… Finally about Knewmerology yesterday, honestly, I was wondering, I have done my part, as guided and instructed… then why do I not feel the “Accept-Knowledge” vibration/energy, growing. People are reading it… and thinking… “what!!!”… “Who”… “I was obsessing with the questions I received from…Read more Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Love

Experience Power is Us with Forgiveness Gratitude

As we all return to our dominant vibration, the vibration we were created to be, we begin our journey into POWER IS US… Soon, we will hear of people, meeting over a word, because they belong to the soul group, nourished and flourished by the “word” our whole lives represent. Forgiveness Speaks: When you are…Read more Experience Power is Us with Forgiveness Gratitude