Activate Power is Us with Love

We know, Love is Masculine, has taken all thought under his wings and we know that Love has filled Brain with  “You are the centre point of communication for the person not the people/places/things the person serves, it is now time for you to love the person you are. So.It.Is” Love speaks: Thought is the…Read more Activate Power is Us with Love


Practice Forgiveness with Forgiveness Power

Forgive-ness, For-Giving and for-getting. Power is  for-giving and for-getting. Faith is for-giving and for-getting. Love is for-giving and for-getting. Gratitude is for-giving and for-getting. When you practice Forgiveness you are engaging in For-Giving or For-Getting. For-giving what you NEED and For-getting what you WANT. Breathing In - Breathing Out, Closed-Open, Light-Darkness, Head-Tails, Have-HaveNot, Positive-Negative… every…Read more Practice Forgiveness with Forgiveness Power

Practice Love with Forgiveness Eternal Light

with the Feminine energies… the focus shifts to Exhale… How beautiful, when we inhale, masculine energy activates, when we breathe out feminine energy activates. Forgiveness is Divine Feminine,  Mother Creator, the womb of all creation. She is energised by Eternal Light (EL) to begin the 9 days of exhale or breathing out. This is the…Read more Practice Love with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Love

Breathing in… Inhaling one of the most potent ways to Practice. Breathe in Forgiveness … I tried it last night… felt guided to… I realised, that we often CREATE the CIRCUMSTANCES we need to follow the guidance that comes from within. There will be people who force us to step out of their energy and…Read more Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Love

Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Have you ever experienced REAL TIME opportunities with Judas? You know the person who is going to betray you? You can “feel” it in the depth of your heart… and often, this person, is one you would least EXPECT to BE THE ONE. Trust.Joy.Clarity are the way forward, if we do want to make it…Read more Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Knewmerology: Number Readings Change with the Shift

It is my privilege, to share with you, information on the shift, as more Earth Beings, return to the Divine Vibration/Beginning, this year, the KnewEndingsYear K.E.Y, shifts have occurred to enable the NOW BEGINNING of the KNEW EARTH. We live in the NEW EARTH, this is not the first time, we’re all meeting each other…Read more Knewmerology: Number Readings Change with the Shift