Remember… MoonLiGhT is a Reflect . Action of SunLiGhT

  Have FAITH in your DREAMS… and SOMEday… Your RAINBOW… WILL… come SHINING Through! Today… make time… to soak in the MoonLiGhT… knowing… SHE is a REFLECT.ACTION of the LiGhT… she receives from the SUN! In the same way… each of US… here… On Earth… is a Reflection of LiGhT… ETERNAL LiGhT! Today… We celebrate…Read more Remember… MoonLiGhT is a Reflect . Action of SunLiGhT


Forgiveness come-union-in-action Us.Energy

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn-Forgiveness (for-giving for-getting) Inhale: Womb of Thoughts (About the transaction) Exhale: Womb of Things (Expectations) BreatheOut: Us.Energy (Your alignment with the thing) Energy of the Day: Today is Monday : Forgiveness Date: 3 Us.Energy Month: Communication (Masculine) Come-Union-In-Action (Feminine) of the year of KnewEndings. The 3 quarter of the year which is watched…Read more Forgiveness come-union-in-action Us.Energy

Tuesday Power: Understanding Forgiveness Eternal Light

This is the energy breathing pattern for today  the 20th day of the month of Understanding in the year of KnewEndings! Breathe in Eternal Light Inhale Forgiveness Confidence Exhale Forgiveness Wisdom Breathe out Today, Power/Action be-comes the union of Politics and Gratitude, say the voices that write. This is a huge shift and through this…Read more Tuesday Power: Understanding Forgiveness Eternal Light

Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Wow! Love how talkative the energies get at the end of a month, not every month, but this one for sure! Activate has given the energies their moment of Exhale really, as we INHALE we activated the Internal Kingdom, the space where all vibrations begin their work with the Divine Self/Soul and so, for those…Read more Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Activate Prayer with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Inhale Gratitude Wisdom Exhale Power Confidence So.It.Is When you pray, don't tell HIM what to do... ASK him HOW to do what needs to get DONE! #Trust #Joy #Clarity #ActivatePrayer Something about today that FEELS good, so good. So much around me demands my attention… and in every moment I am given the direction “Inhale…Read more Activate Prayer with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Activate Faith with Imagination Love

Emotions are resting in Love today, Faith holds them in her heart, they are watched over by Love and through Love, the masculine receives the emotions through Love. So.It.Is. Gratitude places her Children today in the Temple of Trust with Joy and Clarity to Inhale Wisdom and Exhale Confidence, and with Thought.Emotion. Action Exhale Wisdom…Read more Activate Faith with Imagination Love

Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Dear God, I am worried about (describe the situation) and I can't handle this alone. Here God, please take these worries and let me know what action I need to take . . . and then please give me the courage and support to take that action: Doreen Virtue When you Activate Prayer you activate…Read more Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace