May Energy: Re.Place.Meant & Reflect.Actions of LiGhT

Energy Report for MAY … this is a big month… it’s the 5th Month of Restoration and Responsibility and reunion of the Masculine and Feminine. 5 is the number of Faith. FAITH is the Foundation energy of the month of May… and that it begins on a TUESDAY. Faith is Power that leads the L.i.G.h.T…Read more May Energy: Re.Place.Meant & Reflect.Actions of LiGhT


Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Wow! Love how talkative the energies get at the end of a month, not every month, but this one for sure! Activate has given the energies their moment of Exhale really, as we INHALE we activated the Internal Kingdom, the space where all vibrations begin their work with the Divine Self/Soul and so, for those…Read more Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination

We’ve reached the close of the month of Activate and we’re blessed to receive so much from this month. With the generosity of heaven, we’re blessed to have a plethora of Knew Energy experiences ready to meet us when we’re in the Pause during the month of June. So here’s all we began with Activate…Read more Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination

Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence

We all all in the midst of the opportunity to be-come our Divine Purpose in the Flesh. With the huge twist of destiny all prophecies, must be buried, they are not “active truth” of the KnewEarth. It is this mystery in which we truly experience the Mastery of Eternal Light presence. All the masks have…Read more Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence

Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Today is the big day for “Action”, in the finale of the month of Activate. Today, Action/Power introduces the WAY Masculine Energy has shifted from the Passed.Pause.Now opening the Portal of PAUSE into the KnewEarth Activation we’re going to experience with Gratitude for the month of June, which is also the 6th month of the…Read more Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Activate Prayer Forgiveness Love

this is how LOVE steps in… each month exhaling the internal kingdom into Confidence. Today, a mother is BORN, a children are given their parents and the parents are given the KnewParentingCodes in Prayer. Parenting, is the PAUSE, Gratitude and Power are NOW here to Activate into fullness. The children being born on Earth are…Read more Activate Prayer Forgiveness Love

Activate Gratitude is Us: Forgiveness Gratitude

“Pause”, that is WHERE Gratitude is… So.It.Is Today, the whole bunch of energies, we’ve activated over the month of May are all set to enter the Internal Kingdom with GratitudeWisdom. What a big moment for the Earth Kingdom Gratitude, be-comes the “pause” for the Feminine and Power be-comes the “Pause” for the Masculine. So.It.Is Pause:…Read more Activate Gratitude is Us: Forgiveness Gratitude