This is a big week… for WORDS!

Today, we are given the gift of “For.Give.In.Us” or “For.Given.Us” or Forgiveness… whichever WORD you choose… to heal this week… let them be written and loved and forgiven… Gratitude Monday sets the “Tone” for this week… as she welcomes 4.Given.Us Resurrect.Action Forgiveness into the story! it is the 9th day of the month of Resurrect.Action…Read more This is a big week… for WORDS!


Practice Power is Us with Forgiveness Alchemy

Forgiveness Alchemy repeats today. Yesterday IN Prayer and today in Power is Us… and I thought, my post was a mistake! Today, the NOW Earth/Heart resonates the inclusion of Politics Money and Brain re:turn to the Internal Kingdom … Opening up a PORTAL of CHOICE… HOW and WHY to choose Politics.Money.Brain. In a PROPHETIC way……Read more Practice Power is Us with Forgiveness Alchemy

Practice Faith with Imagination Confidence

BreatheIn… you are Faith! Gratitude is NOW stepping in-to Money with Trust & Faith. A lot of Prayers received is of the lack of money for the evolution of the Earth. On Earth, it is believed that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. It isn’t true, it is really PEOPLE and their minds that…Read more Practice Faith with Imagination Confidence

Practice Gratitude is Us with Imagination Power

When Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished.” And bowing His head, He yielded up His spirit. John19:30 I understand today, why Gratitude is US is a FRIDAY! Breathe into the Paradox today… On this day… Faith grieves the loss of Love, for her journey within becomes lonely. Gratitude grieves the loss…Read more Practice Gratitude is Us with Imagination Power

Practice Faith with Imagination Forgiveness

If you are experiencing a different energy today, if you’re having a day that feels LOST, know that you are… feeling the Feminine Energy, recalibrate within you. Rest all you must… rest in the deep Allow.Abundance… that your energy is being aligned with the Now Feminine. The FullMoon yesterday was so powerful, that it has…Read more Practice Faith with Imagination Forgiveness

How do you know the energy has changed?

Interesting, Last year on this day, I had shared a post on the energy of the day, ANGEL No. 11, this year, the energy shift to the vibration of 11 in alignment with the Now Energy. It is a sign that the shifts, we speak of are THOUGHT first… and when we step in to…Read more How do you know the energy has changed?

Practice Power with Imagination Confidence

Yesterday, we were called to Practice Forgiveness to BEGIN the days of Imagination (Masculine Eternal Light). Today we are called to Practice Power and honour Imagination Confidence… and we’re blessed to celebrate today with FullMoon Wisdom… WOW! This week is getting even more power-filled by the day. It is natural that when the Alchemy is…Read more Practice Power with Imagination Confidence