Manifesting begins …

… All of our Choices are being presented to Eternal… all the Choices we’ve made in the Darkness… to Manifest the Choice of Light. This is a re:emergence of the Masculine or the period of Physical.Eyes. Presence of Darkness.Choice of Light begins with Heart.Expression becoming Human.Evidence. The moment of Truth… I hope the choices you’ve…Read more Manifesting begins …


Consolidation Revelation Consolidate.Action

The word coming up strongly… today Consolidation or as the Union reveals… Consolidate.Action and this comes with Reconciliation … or to reconcile.Action. The energy trends… focus on ACTION, allowing the Masculine to “”! It is important for every heart to RESTORE Faith in both Eternal and Darkness… Embrace Faith & Love and Reconcile.Action with Gratitude!…Read more Consolidation Revelation Consolidate.Action

Let there BE Power Gratitude!

There is much happening out-side of you, these are the emotions, that the masculine (Physical) has embraced into Him-Self so, that ONCE physical… the Feminine Energy becomes “Temporary Manifestations” that they mayBE destroyed. Eternal Presence Heart.Expression Love : Choice! The CHAOS on the planet is Revelations or Reveal.Actions at its best. The Feminine Unseen receives…Read more Let there BE Power Gratitude!

What are Priorities?

Prior-I-Ties… are the soul choices made and stored in your Heart.Body.Mind.Soul, this subtle energy is Feminine energy! Ever felt your HEART push for a certain action… that it feels so inspired that it does not tire you? Ever noticed there are things that you do, that drain you? Ever noticed that there is a very…Read more What are Priorities?

The Re:Evolution of She

He spoke and She created… He spoke and She created… and then there came a point, where He stopped speaking… and yet, SHE needed to create… she created of the WORDS He once spoke… expansions… “the fruits of her womb”, the expansions of the UNION of the SPOKEN! Re:Prouduction… every-thing He spoke, re-produced of itself,…Read more The Re:Evolution of She

Break it Down to Build it Up!

That is the true meaning of revelations reveal.actions, it is a month where the process comes unstuck and stares you in the face! Every –ONE (Feminine Energy of SHE) reveals her-SELF and the Presence of Light (Masculine)/Action is revealed! Breathe… Union… Power.Gratitude and the FRUITS of US into the GAME… it is time to allow…Read more Break it Down to Build it Up!

Deep Impressions… of Polarity!

The reason, why there are DIFFERENCES coming up is to make you aware of the subtle effects of the EFFECTS of other people’s choices that effect your energy. Especially, those of who you Expect.Action as promised or as spoken. It is also the time to understand that most of your experiences on Earth are polarised…Read more Deep Impressions… of Polarity!