The Kingdom of Eternal G.o.d…

… On Earth As It | Is in Heaven! Love is How! She.Gratitude Faith see Manifest. The experience of this insight and the Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace I felt … cannot explain the experience… someday, when you and I meet… we shall… I hope to be telling you the story of Us in a way, that you’ll see…Read more The Kingdom of Eternal G.o.d…


Her Choice His Presence and the No.1

Say Hello to the Knew Vibration of the No.1 … represented by 01 :Eternal Spiritual.Heart.Expansion 10: Sacred.Heart.Experience 19: Her.Choice 28: His Experience! This is how the numbers begin to vibrate at the Frequency of Power.Gratitude! Power.Gratitude the Masculine.Feminine restoration has begun, there is nothing that is not changing, some closures of old prayers and a…Read more Her Choice His Presence and the No.1

Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Most of the disease on the planet or the dis-ease of the planet is rooted in the imbalance of the Womb energies of THINGS birthed on the planet. The stories begin in the womb and over the years of Masculine Dominion, external inventions have been introduced to the THINGS to fill the gap between “womb…Read more Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Confidence

Eternal Father we Thank you for restoring our Imagination Confidence in a way that serves the transition of Power from the Passed to the Now Earth. We thank you, Holy Spirit for the gift of SPIRIT of vibration, allowing us to live our Earth Lives with purpose. When we work with the Spirit of Earth…Read more Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Confidence

Energy Report June 2017

In the Month of May, Faith Activated and in the month of June, we’re excited knowing we're going to step into UNDERSTANDING with Gratitude. This is going to be a month, when we’re going to begin to consciously start noticing the shifts with Gratitude. Remember, she is the ACTIVATE “Pause” of Us! With each energy…Read more Energy Report June 2017

Activate Gratitude is Us: Forgiveness Gratitude

“Pause”, that is WHERE Gratitude is… So.It.Is Today, the whole bunch of energies, we’ve activated over the month of May are all set to enter the Internal Kingdom with GratitudeWisdom. What a big moment for the Earth Kingdom Gratitude, be-comes the “pause” for the Feminine and Power be-comes the “Pause” for the Masculine. So.It.Is Pause:…Read more Activate Gratitude is Us: Forgiveness Gratitude

Practice Gratitude is Us with Imagination Power

When Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished.” And bowing His head, He yielded up His spirit. John19:30 I understand today, why Gratitude is US is a FRIDAY! Breathe into the Paradox today… On this day… Faith grieves the loss of Love, for her journey within becomes lonely. Gratitude grieves the loss…Read more Practice Gratitude is Us with Imagination Power